7 Eleven embraces the cupcake craze.

This really isn’t new, but today, as I took my free 7.11oz Slurpee to my car, I noticed the above. Yep, that’s right, a cupcake! As always, I got a little excited just to see the cute use of a cupcake and the “number candles” on the illustration of the special limited edition free Slurpee cups. This also took me back to my very limited (which is a good thing) experience with 7 Eleven cupcakes. You can only imagine my excitement when, about a year ago, Jenn and I went into a 7 Eleven for a typical Slurpee run, and spotted cupcakes!

Unfortunately, they were not good. At all. Jenn choose the Frosted Chocolate and I stupidly choose the Red Velvet. Most bakeries can’t even create a decent red velvet, so why I thought a convenience store could is beyond me. Lesson learned. I took one bite and just couldn’t manage to eat any more. I’m sure I shouldn’t have expected much else, but I’m an optimistic person. Jenn’s wasn’t nearly as bad as mine, but still not great and not worthy of ever getting again. The one thing they did get right though was the packaging. You could turn the cupcake completely upside down and it never budged from it’s location. (See photo below). I can name many cupcake vendors who could take a few pointers from 7 Eleven’s packaging.

That’s all for today cupcake lovers!

(Just as a reminder, we are still heavily under construction. Hoping to have a totally new design by the Fall).

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


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