A Look Back: 2010 Cupcake Tour

The Cupcake Crusaders are gearing up for their “2011 Annual Cupcake Tour.” Last year we went to DC, but this year we decided to stick to the outskirts of DC and will be hitting 4 stops (maybe 5) in the Bethesda, MD area. With our tour coming up this weekend, we thought we would share some photos of our DC tour from last year. Hope you enjoy!

No tour is complete without a logo and a sticker. All the Crusader’s wore these during each stop. We got some funny looks, but that’s okay, it was all a part of the fun!

Here we are, sporting our nifty badges.

Our first stop was the well known Georgetown Cupcake from the TLC show, DC Cupcakes. The line was totally worth the wait.

Which to pick?!

Elisa and Stacy selected 2 Salted Caramels, 1 Mint Cookies N Creme, 2 Key Limes, and 1 Ginger Peach. The Salted Caramel is probably the best cupcake either of them has ever had.

The next stop was Red Velvet Cupcakery. It was NOT the favorite of the day…

But their cupcakes were simple and pretty.

Final Stop: Hello Cupcake (Crusader Elisa, Crusader Jenn, Crusader Dad, and Jenn’s husband).

So many to choose from and we were almost “cupcaked out.” But it’s a good thing we pushed through because they have got some GREAT cupcakes!

Crusader Jenn and her husband selected: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Root Beer Float, Chocolate Coconut, and Raspberry Coconut. Crusader Jenn’s husband thought that the Root Beer Float was his favorite of the whole day.

Crusader Stacy selected a Yo Tart! Which is lemon cake and lemon frosting. She also got a lemonade… that’s a lot of lemon!

Crusader Stacy decided to take a Peanut Butter Chocolate home and share with her husband. It was really good!

During this last stop, owner and executive chef of Hello Cupcake, Penny Karas, came out and sat with us. It was such an awesome way to end our tour!

We had an amazing time last year and hope to discover some great new cupcakes during our 2011 “tour!”

This year we are visiting the following locations:
Just Cakes: Bethesda, MD
Fancy Cakes by Leslie: Bethesda, MD
Georgetown Cupcake: Bethesda, MD
Frosting, a Cupcakery: Chevy Chase, MD

With a possible bonus location at:
Cake Dreams: Rockville, MD (Winner of “Going for the Gold” Cupcake Wars)

Look out for that post next week!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


11 thoughts on “A Look Back: 2010 Cupcake Tour

  1. I’m so excited about the 2011 Tour this weekend! Hopefully our littlest crusader cooperates so that we all have a good time! 😉

  2. what fun! i’ve done ONE cupcake crawl and i was DONE FOR for the rest of the day. i think i managed 4 places before i begged to eat something savory.


    • Haha! Yeah, last year we really didn’t pace ourselves well. So this year we are going to approach it very strategically. Maybe sharing a cupcake instead of getting one whole one, taking more home with us, and I’ve also scheduled lunch after 2 cupcakes stops. We’ll see if we can make it to 5 locations. 🙂

  3. It seems like you had the best day EVERRR!! I can’t think of a better way to spend my time. Can you say why Red Velvet was NOT your favorite? I’ve never been to that cupcakery and I was just curious.

    • Hi there! Yes, we had a great time last year and a wonderful time this year! Last year Red Velvet wasn’t our favorite because the cake was on the dry side. I’ve heard great things about them, and honestly, it wasn’t a bad cupcake, but compared to Georgetown Cupcake and Hello Cupcake, it just didn’t measure up. I think if I had gone there only, I wouldn’t have been too disappointed. And the first place we went to this year was pretty bad, so compared to that Red Velvet was WAY better. We’ll be posted a review everyday this week from each of our stops on Saturday. Keep an eye out for those if you are interested. 🙂

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  6. Hello! Any chance you could share your itinerary for your 2010 DC cupcake tour? Did you take the metro, drive, etc.? I’m going to try to duplicate your adventure with my daughter and some friends. I live near DC but I’m not savvy when it comes to the city so any tips you can provide on how to get from cupcakery to cupcakery would be appreciated! Peace, love and cupcakes! 🙂

    • Hi there! When we did our tour, we choose to drive. I think we took 2-3 cars, since a few of us were coming from different directions. First we went to Georgetown. I believe I parked in a nearby garage, but my dad found street parking (he’s a master of street parking and grew up in the DC area). After Georgetown, we headed to Red Velvet Cupcakery. It’s only a few blocks away from Dupont Circle (but isn’t high on our recommendation list), so we parked in front of that stop. Our next shop was Hello Cupcake, which is also off of Dupont Circle, so we walked there.

      For more ideas, you can also check out our guest review for another DC tour:

      If you visit our Reviews page, you can see a list of the places we’ve visited in DC:

      I would recommend selecting 3-5 places that you’d like to try and mapping it out OR selecting a specific area of DC you’d like to spend the day, and then research what is in that area. That’s how we try to attack a tour. 😉 Then you can base driving vs. public transportation or walking around the locations. Google maps is a great resource, since you can plug in multiple destinations and also get driving vs. walking vs. public transport options.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes and what places you decide to visit!

      • Awesome! Thanks for the tips! We have 5 DC cupcakeries on our list for our cupcake tour day (crossed off Red Velvet based on your reviews), and a few others around the area that we’ll hit over the course of the week while my friends are here visiting. I’ll let you know how we make out. Thanks again!

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