2011 Cupcake Tour: Final Thoughts and Favorites

So, I’m sure by now you are so tired of hearing about our cupcake tour, but the other Crusaders and I thought that it would be helpful to have a post that simply lists our favorites after we tried all the cupcakes we had that day and all the ones we brought home. So, I promise, this is the last you will hear about the 2011 Cupcake Tour. We’ve got tons of other stuff that we are excited to share with everyone, so keep an eye out for new reviews later this week.

After I got home, my cupcake collection looked like this:

That’s 10 cupcakes from 5 different places. I know Jenn’s and Elisa’s stash looked very similar. I made sure to store all my cupcakes properly to insure that they would be a fresh as possible when I was ready to sample them.

I’m not sure about Jenn and Elisa, but it took about 5 days for me to try everything. So here are our final thoughts:

1st Place: PB&J from Fancy Cakes by Leslie
2nd Place: Orange Canoli from Cake Dreams
3rd Place: Frenchie from Frosting

1st Place: Frenchie from Frosting
2nd Place: Chocolate Banana from Fancy Cakes
3rd Place: German Chocolate from Cake Dreams

1st Place: Chocolate Bourbon From Fancy Cakes
2nd Place:  Key Lime from Georgetown Cupcake
3rd Place: PB&J from Fancy Cakes

As you can see, Fancy Cakes was the winner of the day. Even my dad followed up with me (he also brought home cupcakes from the tour) and said that Fancy Cakes was his top pick of the day. He couldn’t believe that 2 days after eating cupcakes (that weren’t even stored away in airtight containers) that they stayed as moist as the day they were baked.

Over all it was a great day and we all can’t wait until next year!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


5 thoughts on “2011 Cupcake Tour: Final Thoughts and Favorites

    • Thanks! I have 2 others that are a little different too. They keep the cupcakes in place, but can’t fit really large cupcakes and can mess the frosting up a bit sometimes, so I didn’t use those. There are all kinds available on the market though. 🙂

  1. This cupcake tour sounds amazing! I have only been to Georgetown Cupcake, not to any of the other places, but it looks like I should put Fancy Cakes on my list for sure. Yum!

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