Caroline’s Friday Beer and Chocolate delight!

After going to see the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with my friend Jessica we stopped next door to Landmark Theaters at Caroline’s Cupcakery’s most recent location in Harbor East. I’m a huge Caroline’s fan and Jess had never tried them, so I treated her to her first Caroline’s experience. This, coincidentally, happened to be my first experience at their newest location.

After reading the Friday special, Chocolate & Beer, there was no way I wasn’t trying it! Instantly, I created my usual “cupcake sandwich” and dove in. The cake, made with cocoa and beer was moist, rich, and malty (beer malt, not malted milkshake malt). The buttercream frosting was a great complement to the cake as it was just enough sweet to go with the savory cake. I actually said to Jess out loud that I wanted to eat one of these cupcakes everyday, it was THAT good.

(Beer & Chocolate Cupcake)

Jessica ordered a Cookies & Cream cupcake – which she allowed me to try. She and I were both disappointed with the cake; it was dry and textured more like a muffin than a cake. The cookies and cream butter cream icing was good, but nothing that couldn’t have been skipped. Sad that this was her first experience, we made a pact to go to the Caroline’s in Fed Hill (their main location) and give them another try.

(Cookies & Creme Cupcake)

Caroline’s is one of my favorite cupcake places in Baltimore, and my experience at the Harbor East location hasn’t changed that! I loved the Beer & Chocolate cupcake, so go on a Friday eat one there and take one home with you to eat later – trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

UPDATE: We are sad to say that Caroline’s Cupcakery is now closed after serving Baltimore for 2 years.  

– Review by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


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