FROM THE ARCHIVES: Wedding and Honeymoon Sweetness

A year ago this Sunday, I married my wonderful hubby and, of course, there were cupcakes at the wedding. I opted for a traditional wedding cake, but still had a small cupcake display with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with colored frosting to match the wedding colors. I ordered my wedding cake and the cupcakes from Just Desserts by Linda, located out of Westminster, MD and couldn’t have been happier with the results. Unfortunately I never actually got to eat a cupcake, but I did try all 3 flavors of wedding cake, so I know they must have been scrumptious too.

The next day my new hubby and I left to start our marriage off with a Hawaiian adventure in Kauai and a few days later, while exploring the island, I spotted CUPCAKES! We were at the Hanalima Bakery in Lihue to try Hawaii’s famous Malasadas. While placing our breakfast order, I looked over and spotted the familiar swirl of frosting on top of a petite cake. There was only one option and it didn’t have a flavor description, but in my excitement I forgot to ask what it was. After that, we were on our way to Waimea Canyon Drive, cupcake in tow.

The cupcake was sweet, really sweet, but had a hint of guava flavor and color. It was also was fluffy and moist and topped with a sweet buttercream frosting. Even though it was a bit sugary for my usual liking, I enjoyed every bite while standing on the ledge of the breathtaking canyon with my sweetie by my side.

To celebrate our 1 year together the hubby and I are heading on a new adventure, not quite as far away, but still sure to make great memories. We will be driving up to Niagara Falls with our new puppy joining us, staying at a cottage on Lake Ontario, and exploring Toronto.

Since I’ll be away, check back on Thursday for our guest series from Kim at and then again on Friday for any cupcake adventures that come my way while in Ontario. I hope Canada is ready for this Cupcake Crusader!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


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