Farewell, My “Sweet” Cupcake Love

When Stacy recently texted me to tell me that Sweet Bakery was closing I was devastated. I almost feel like it still isn’t real…My first experience with Sweet was in the fall of 2010 when they were on Main Street in Ellicott City – I was there with the other Crusaders for some Oktoberfest beer tasting – and the cupcakes were delicious from the get-go. When they moved to the Mount Vernon area, conveniently located 4 blocks from my office, I was so excited and went in to get a cupcake treat on a regular basis, and was NEVER disappointed.

You may recall Stacy’s and my post “Cupcaked Out?” this past August. I went to pick up cupcakes and was greeted by the friendly staff; picking 4 cupcakes to eat that evening with Stacy. The standout was by far the Red Velvet. With it’s moist, fluffy cake and superb cream cheese frosting this Red Velvet cupcake has been, and will always be my all-time favorite Red Velvet. The other flavors were great too and I thus began my addiction to visiting Sweet on my lunch break.

(The Cereal Cupcake from Sweet Bakery)

My cupcake lunch break on November 17 included a very special cupcake created by Allison that morning – The Cereal Cupcake. I never posted a review about this particular cupcake back in November, but here goes: The Fun-fetti cake had amazing colors in it, while the cake was moist, sweet, and vanilla-y. I’m a huge fan of Fun-fetti and the fact that it was homemade with vibrant colors and scrumptious taste made this perfect! The icing was superb as well, with a really great Fruit Loop flavor with freshly placed and crunchy Fruit Loops on top! Next to the Red Velvet, this cupcake stands as my favorite, and definitely makes the list of the the top 10 cupcakes I have ever eaten.

(Look at all that homemade Fun-fetti inside the cake!)

Another stand-out for me would be the Strawberry with Key Lime filling. The perfect strawberry cake with sweet buttercream icing and tangy key lime filling. The Crusaders and I tried this one while on our Girls Weekend Getaway in October and we all really seemed to like it. Sharing Sweet cupcakes with my favorite girls was very special to me, and we had a blast cutting them up and taking about the different flavors!

(Key Lime cupcake from Sweet Bakery)

Sweet didn’t just make amazing cupcakes, they featured organic coffee, pastries, cannolis, tarts, and local art. You could order a cake for a special occasion, or even go in on a whim and have cupcakes decorated while you wait. The prices were more than fair and they came highly recommended by many wedding venues/planners for their wedding cakes.

Mount Vernon is a little less bright without this very “Sweet” bakery, and my cupcake lunch breaks are no more. I will always wish I could order just one more Red Velvet and enjoy the smiling faces of the staff.

Sweet Bakery, the Crusaders and I will miss you and we will miss sharing your amazing cupcakes with the special people in our lives. Thank you for the cupcakes, memories, and love that you put into your craft.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


5 thoughts on “Farewell, My “Sweet” Cupcake Love

  1. Yeah, it is really sad. And now I’m reminded that I need to update our posts mentioning them saying they are now closed. I can’t believe 2 of our favorite cupcake places have closed within the past few months!

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