Iced Gems Red Velvet Surprise!

Surprise cupcakes are always a treat, and gifted cupcakes are an added bonus! Before the holiday, my co-worker (and fellow cupcake lover), Rebecca, visited IcedGems Cupcake Truck with the intention of getting a couple of cupcakes to surprise and share with me. Little did I know she would bring back a dozen cupcakes, plus two just for ME!

While ordering cupcakes Rebecca mentioned that she worked with one of the Cupcake Crusaders and sparked a delightful conversation with the staff. The lovely staff member then gave her two cupcakes for me to review: a Red Velvet cupcake for the “Red Velvet Crusader” (I’m so excited that I have a nickname and that we were recognized!) and a Holiday Birthday cupcake (which was reviewed in our Very Merry Christmas post).

Just the sight of the Red Velvet made my stomach jump and my mouth water…

Then I tasted it… Heaven. Or at least that’s what I imagine heaven would taste like. The cake was moist, light, fluffy, not overly sweet and a true red velvet in color and flavor. The icing was very cream cheesy with its subtle sweetness, which allowed the cream cheese to complement the cake and shine on its own. Together the cake and icing created a lovely texture, taste, and feeling of savory and sweet.

I tasted the icing and cake separately before creating my signature cupcake sandwich, savoring every bite before licking my fingers clean of any icing remnants.

By-far a stand out of all the Red Velvet cupcakes I have ever eaten… and perhaps my new absolute favorite. The next time IcedGems is in my neighborhood, I’ll have to stop by and buy a dozen – of which more than one will have to be Red Velvet.

*Special thanks goes to Rebecca for mentioning the Crusaders and to IcedGems for sharing their fabulous cupcakes with the “Red Velvet Girl.”

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


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