Super Cupcakes for the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl yesterday, it was a big weekend for parties. And we know what that means…CUPCAKES! This was no exception for the Crusaders. Many places were offering Super Bowl themed cupcakes, so we got out to make sure we had a few ourselves.

Starry Night Bakery and Coffee House not only had their cupcakes decorated with hand-drawn candy footballs and XLVIs, they were also offering a new flavor…Hot Chocolate!

(The decorated cupcakes are Starry Night’s amazing Cinnamon Chip Cupcakes)

After having a few hot chocolate cupcakes from other bakeries this season, I was very excited to try this flavor from one of my favorites. And it didn’t disappoint. The moist chocolate cake was complemented with a marshmallow filling and what I believe was a marshmallow buttercream frosting. I hope they keep it on the menu through winter, because I’ll be needing another one!

When Crusaders Stacy and Elisa heard that Pirate Cupcakes created a spicy chocolate cupcake specifically for a Super Bowl chili cook-off that was taking place at Captain Larry’s in South Baltimore, they knew they had to try it.

According to Stacy, “The rich chocolate cake was moist but WOW there was a ton of heat after the first bite!” This cupcake was also filled with pepper jam and topped with cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese frosting was sweet and delicious, but unfortunately did nothing to cool the burning left behind. This cupcake definitely requires a cold beer immediately after sampling. Elisa and Stacy just couldn’t handle the spiciness and decided that they will return to try some of Pirate Cupcake’s other, non-spicy, cupcakes.

Did you have any cupcakes during the Super Bowl? Were any more on the savory side? Do you like savory cupcakes, or do you prefer them to stick to their roots as a sweet treat?

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Jenn (Westminster, MD)


7 thoughts on “Super Cupcakes for the Super Bowl

    • That’s a great idea, Beth! I’m keeping my eye out for the perfect recipe to include your pomegranate champagne preserves. Can’t decide if I want to go with a champagne cake and pomegranate frosting, or the other way around. Let us know if you get your own version of Pirate Cupcakes’ cupcake to work out!

  1. Would LOVE to feature Beth’s pomegranate champagne preserves in a cupcake at Captain Larry’s!!! Possibly a dark chocolate cupcake filled with the preserves topped with a champagne cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate ganache drizzle & pomegranate seeds……. Thoughts???

    • That combination sounds amazing! I love pomegranate and chocolate together. Definitely something I’d be interested in trying!

    • Patty, that combination sounds delicious, and I think we could definitely partner to make it happen! Let’s touch base via email and I can bring you some sample jelly to test. My email is notoriousblg at mac dot com. 🙂

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