Another Single-Serving Treat That We Love: Mallow Crunchies at the Mallow Bar!

We are going to take a minor detour from cupcakes today to share with you another personal-sized snack that everyone seems to love – rice crispy treats. In particular, Mallow Crunchies‘ rice crispy treats. Because, let’s be honest, what cupcake lover doesn’t also love a good rice crispy treat? Mallow Crunchies (previously Mallow Munchies) has been around the Baltimore area for quite some time now, but they recently opened their Mallow Bar in Rosedale, MD, just minutes from the city/county line.

(Their first store front, located at 8767-A Philadelphia Road, Rosedale, MD 21237)

Any Baltimorean who frequents local farmers’ markets and coffee shops has probably already encountered Mallow Crunchies, but now you can go to their shop, drink some Zekes coffee and munch on a Crunchie while sitting with a group of friends or doing some work on your laptop (they have free wifi!). Their shop decor is a mix of chic and family friendly. On my visit, not only was the owner, Nikki, there to tell me all about the flavor combinations they had available, but the whole family was present (she has some seriously adorable children!).

I was attempting to be good that day. My goal was to leave with one Mallow Crunchie and one homemade marshmallow. (Did I mention that Nikki makes ALL of her marshmallow from scratch? It’s AMAZING.) Instead I left with this:

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. Instead of one treat and one marshmallow I left with three treats, one marshmallow, and two homemade caramels (made by another local vendor). I somehow couldn’t stop myself. And I’m glad I didn’t. Each treat offered something totally unique and it would have been a shame to miss out on any of them!

The first treat I tasted was the Kettle Corn.

At first glance this treat looks like an “original” but there is tons of popcorn mixed in with the crispy rice cereal. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but surprisingly it had a strong popcorn flavor. Blended with the sweet marshmallow this crispy treat stayed true to its name and delivered a perfect kettle corn flavor.

The next treat I tried was the CaraMallow (caramel).

This treat was sweet, gooey, and wonderful. The homemade caramel mixed with the homemade marshmallow and crispy rice cereal was a nice spin on a classic rice crispy treat.

The last I tried, Trail Mix, was my overall favorite.

The cranberries and pumpkin seeds mixed with the sweetness of this treat created a tart, salty, sweet snack that worked so well together. The pumpkin seeds also added a nice crunch which created a more elaborate texture than the other two flavors.

Overall I was thoroughly pleased with my visit and the goodies I took home. I look forward to going back with friends and sitting to really enjoy the atmosphere.

If you haven’t visited the Mallow Bar yet, plan a visit soon. They are conveniently located among all the many shopping centers found throughout Rosedale and would be an easy stop to add while you are out running errands.  🙂

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)

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