Charity Fundraiser Baker? What’s That?

As you may know by now, we have joined with La Casa de Sweets to raise money for Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale to end childhood hunger in America. Jackie, from La Casa de Sweets, is a charity fundraiser baker which means that she bakes and blogs specifically to raise money and awareness to fight childhood hunger in America.

This busy blogger (and mom of two) took some time out of her hectic schedule to answer some questions about herself, why ending childhood hunger is so important to her, and why you should join in this fun and important event.

What made you decide to become a charity fundraiser baker?
I decided to become a charity fundraiser baker to raise money for hungry children. As a teacher and mom I know one of the worst things you can witness is a child going hungry.  My Masters course work focused on Child Health and Promotion around the world, so I have a pretty good understanding of what the problems are relating to hunger, and what needs to be done about it. I’ve always loved to bake, and when I decided to start my own baking business, I knew it had to be for a reason. So, I decided to help raise awareness and money to help end childhood hunger.

Why should people donate or join the Great American Bake Sale?
The Great American Bake Sale is such an awesome event! Bakers from across the country come together to raise money for the No Kid Hungry campaign, it’s just so inspiring! I feel so honored to a tiny part of such a huge event. Unfortunately not everyone knows that 1 in 4 children in this country face hunger every single day. That’s such a heart-wrenching number. But, the good news is, there is a solution. Raising awareness and supporting programs such as GABS will help people realize this is something we can fix. Every single donation counts. Every $5, $10, $100 donated will make a huge impact on the lives of kids around the country. If that’s not something worth doing, I’m not sure what is.

Has any charity event been extra special or exceeded any goals or expectations you set for yourself?
I’ve launched and advised several large fundraisers, and I’m always so happy after every one, because I’ve seen that people care. In a time where everyone’s circumstances are far from secure, I’ve seen people go out of their way to help, to raise money, to get the word out there. And that makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Crusader Jenn, the mom in our group, wanted to know how you manage to find time to raise your family, maintain your blog, bake, and raise money and awareness to end childhood hunger all at the same time?
How do I find the time? I’m not sure, really. I raise our two daughters (our oldest is almost 3 and our youngest is 16 months old), bake and sell for charity, organize fundraisers, work with companies and individuals to raise awareness, bake for my blog, make three all-natural vegetarian meals a day, go to church, and enjoy time with family friends, every single week. My prayers for strength are definitely being answered every single day!

And of course we have to ask: what is your favorite place to get cupcakes and what is your favorite cupcake recipe?
Cupcakes…umm…well I’m actually not a fan. Yikes!  It’s so strange, I make all these sweet treats, sample them to get the full flavor and all that, but I can’t remember the last time I ate a whole cupcake! If I am in the mood for a cupcake, or any treat really, I always go to Kupcakes & Co. Not only is everything they make absolutely amazing, but Michelle (the owner) is one of the nicest, hard-working, and giving people I know. They raise money for charity all the time and have fun doing it. And having fun for a great cause is exactly what I like to do 🙂

After we promised to forgive Jackie for not loving cupcakes as much as we do (Hehe! Just kidding Jackie!), we asked her what her favorite desserts were:
I love strawberry pretzel salad, mud pie, and you’ll never stop me from eating soft and chewy cookies!!!!!

The Crusaders want to thank Jackie for taking the time to answer our questions! If you would like to donate to the Great American Bake Sale please click here. Remember, every little bit helps and no amount is too small!

To visit La Casa de Sweets website and view her recipes click here. Thank you!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)

We are working to help end childhood hunger!
Together we can make a difference!



4 thoughts on “Charity Fundraiser Baker? What’s That?

  1. I thought I was speechless after reading everything else Jackie does ON TOP OFF being a mom, baker, and blogger (makes me look lazy)! But…NOT A FAN OF CUPCAKES?! GASP! 😉

    I am curious, what is strawberry pretzel salad?

    • Haha! Jenn, just because we love cupcakes SO MUCH doesn’t mean everyone does… I know, I know, it’s a difficult thing to understand. 😉

      I’ll ask Jackie about the strawberry pretzel salad. I’m curious myself!

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