Lilly Magilly’s – A Gem in Gaithersburg, MD

Happening upon a new cupcake place is a delight! While in the Gaithersburg, MD area for a dentist appointment (yuck) I met my friend, Laura, after for some dinner. We chatted for a while, drank margaritas, and then she said there was a cupcake place around the corner! A NEW cupcakery I had never heard of!? How is that possible? (Just kidding of course.)

Lilly Magilly’s Cupcakery is an adorable shop in the Rio Shopping Center (near the movie theater) in Gaithersburg. The shop boasts cupcakes, but also has old fashioned sodas, homemade caramels, fun cupcake gear, and a chair fit for a cupcake queen (see below!).

Everything is black and pink, even the receipts! The nice staff told us they follow the Crusaders on Twitter and Facebook, so they were excited to know that we would be reviewing their cupcakes.

I decided on 4 cupcakes:

Salted Caramel

The deep dark chocolate cake really packed a smooth chocolate PUNCH of flavor! The not-too-sweet cake is paired with delicious salted caramel icing that is smooth and sweet, with a savory kick. I really enjoyed the caramel drizzle on top and scraped the cupcake liner clean. Yum!

Cookies & Cream

Sadly, this Cookies & Cream was a little disappointing since the cake was very dry and didn’t have much flavor. On top of that, the icing was too sweet for my taste. I loved the Oreo on top, because there’s never a bad time for an Oreo, but am not sure I would order this cupcake again.

Red Velvet

Oh joy! I really liked this red velvet cupcake. The cake was moist with a true red velvet flavor while the icing was light and had a “whipped” quality about it. The Sixlet on top was a really great touch and added a nice crunch of texture with the candy coating shell. This might be the best red velvet I’ve had since Sweet Bakery.


While the cake was on the dryer side, this cupcake had fantastic flavor! The slightly crunchy cake top mimicked that of its namesake’s cookie. The cinnamon and sugar icing was very light and whipped, but full of flavor. Despite the dry cake, everything about this cupcake made me smile and it is a cupcake I would love to eat again.

Lilly Magilly’s cupcakes were an overall delight. I’m looking forward to stopping in again, the next time I am in the area, and trying other flavors. And I love my cute little cupcake button – I’ll wear it proudly and make sure to tell anyone who asks where I found it!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


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