Review for Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe Cupcakes: Raising the Bar for Store Bought Cupcakes

Well, I did it again. I bought cupcakes from Walmart. As I was browsing the aisles, I walked past and said, “I haven’t seen those before!” Typically my local store only has the mini cupcakes we reviewed for you before. The minis were decent enough, but these new ones are full-size (actually maybe even a little larger than the average cupcake) and look good. My husband had just commented the night before that he wished we had some cupcakes, so when I saw these I had to get some (I choose the Lemon Ice). It’s a great price, at $3.98 for four.

The new cupcakes are under a different label than the minis. I did some research on Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe and it seems like only Walmart carries them. There are four flavors, three of which we’ve tried (if I see the Red Velvet, I’ll have to pick that one up for Crusader Elisa). All of the cupcakes have light moist cake, smooth frosting, and a complementing filling and really are surprisingly tasty.

(Lemon Ice: Lemon cake filled with lemon crème and topped with lemon frosting and lemon crumbs. This cupcake is tangy and not too sweet.)

After tasting the Lemon Ice at home, I bought that plus the Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Bean for the Westminster Cupcake Picnic. I decided to take them out of the store packaging and perform a taste test before divulging where they came from.

(Triple Chocolate cupcakes: Chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge and topped with chocolate frosting and Belgian chocolate pieces. Very rich and chocolaty!)

Everyone confirmed my thoughts and they were shocked by the price and where the cupcakes came from. There were even volunteers to take some home, so I didn’t have any leftover!

(Vanilla Bean: Vanilla cake with a sweet vanilla cream filling and topped with a Madagascar vanilla bean frosting. Great vanilla bean flavor!)

So if you are in your local Walmart, take a detour to the baked goods aisle and check out the Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe cupcakes. We are curious to see if others are also pleasingly surprised with these store-bought cupcakes.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Jenn (Westminster, MD)

UPDATE: We edited the title of this entry after hearing about all the other locations, besides Walmart, that readers have been finding Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe cupcakes. We still have not found a website that lists the locations where these can be purchased, but see the comments below for some locations and please let us know if you found them somewhere not listed. Thank you!

***We are not affiliated with Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe. They are a product of the Give and Go Foods Corporation. For more information on the Give and Go Foods Corporation, please visit their website here.***


148 thoughts on “Review for Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe Cupcakes: Raising the Bar for Store Bought Cupcakes

      • I got some at a local Super Target, but some
        were missing the creme filling. Very good though.

      • just bought the chocolate cupcakes -kimberley’s in rabba store in brampton-so very delicious -waiting to try at walmart store here for more-thanks for reviews-jean

    • Hello crusader Jenn. I love these cupcakes. i usually buy them at Ralph’s market here In Los Angeles California. They are 3.99 for 4 cupcakes. I really like the vanilla one, it has cream in it. Chocolate it my favorite as well. I dont think they have a website.

      • I’ve now had the lemon, vanilla bean & chocolate flavors – all are really good but I’d rank them as (1) lemon (2) chocolate (3) vanilla bean. (Normally, vanilla is my favorite so I was expecting that to be my favorite here, but the lemon is just better. Also, the lemon and vanilla cupcakes have a creamy filling whereas the the chocolate was all cake. I think it was advertised as having a filling on the box, but like someone else reported here, the chocolate didn’t seem to. But boy, these are all good. I have to limit myself to 1 cupcake a day because I don’t want to suddenly gain a lot of wait. Considering it only takes about a minute to eat a cupcake, that’s a quick moment to take in 370 calories! Yes, that’s the calorie count for one cupcake. I think it’s so high because the frosting is so high on the cupcake.

    • I just tried the chocolate cupcakes. The filing is a bit deceiving – it’s there but hard to see…the cake is so moist you’d think the filing was just part of the cake. YUMMY stuff! I can’t wait to try the others 🙂

    • I just went to wallmart tonight there is a new pumpkin spice, all I can say is wow these are just like homemade and they are to die for stop in a wallmart by you to enjoy these amazing new cupcakes in her line. 🙂

      • I saw the Pumpkin Spice yesterday in Walmart, I started to buy those but indulged with delight and chose the Vanilla Bean. I will definitely try the Pumpkin Spice as well as all the others. Here is a link to their website many have been asking about.

    • Haha! Unlike Jenn, I unfortunately do not have and nice Wal-marts near me… I wish I did though, then I could happily shop the isles for some serious cost savings (and cupcakes). 😉

    • Rachel, I’m curious to see what you think! Our Walmart isn’t new or pretty (and isn’t a Super Walmart with the full grocery store), but the employees are friendly and you can’t beat the prices for most things.

  1. I bought the Vanilla Bean cupcakes i saved them as a “treat” after housework. They are DELICIOUS!!! i am going back tomorrow to vet more and have the girls over for coffee. I am so glad i tried them!

    • Carol, I’m so glad you gave them a chance and were also pleased with the quality. Since our review, I’ve gotten the chocolate ones again for my husband’s birthday and we still thought they were great!

  2. I just bought the lemon ice kind today for my dads birthday. He turned 71 and said it was the best cupcake he’d ever eaten! I would normally prefer something with chocolate but they are delicious.
    I got them from Kroger, but I paid $4.99 so i’ll obviously get them from Walmart in the future.

    • Julie, I’m so glad your dad loved them! My dad really liked the chocolate one, so I hope you are able to find it soon. Thanks for confirming our thoughts that these are surprising good cupcakes! 🙂

  3. I saw these at my local grocery store today, and I was really surprised to flip over the package and see that they were a product of Canada! I’m on the central coast of California… seems like a long way for a cupcake to travel before it hits my store shelf! 🙂

      • I, too, bought these cupcakes for the 1st time today in my local grocery store (Ralphs, in L.A.). Last week I saw the vanilla bean ones and was tempted to buy them but didn’t. Today, they had lemon (which I didn’t see before) and not the vanilla, so I bought them. I just had my 1st one. It’s great. I was afraid they might be too tart (because I like sweet.) These were right in the middle, not too sweet or tart, but really good. I, too, thought this must be a local bakery and was shocked when I turned over the packaging at home and saw they are from Canada. I’ll definitely try the vanill and chocolate ones soon. Maybe even the red velvet.

      • Gordon, thanks for your comment regarding the cupcakes you found at Ralph’s in LA. I think a lot of people are finding our review because they are also shocked.

        Another reader, who also got these cupcakes in an LA Ralph’s, commented saying they didn’t have as good a experince. I hope you continue to have a good experience with them. Let us know how the other flavors work out!

      • PS – the price sticker said $3.99 at Ralphs but they rang up for $3.49! So either they were on sale this week, or they always come up at this discounted rate.

      • BTW, about a year and half ago, I had a cupcake at the Red Robin restaurant. It was national cupcake month, so they were only available for that one month, and only in vanilla. But they were great, and I remember they had a vanilla creme center, too. This all reminds me of the (ficticious) cupcake business they are trying to start up on the TV show “2 Broke Girls” 🙂 Their cupcakes LOOK a lot like these ones by Kimberley’s.

  4. Yes I have tried the Vanilla Bean….I stumbled on them at Target. They are very moist and sweet. Even though Im not big on creme filling unless it’s a twinkie,.I must say these are very good……that is a true cupcake to me.

  5. Thanks for your review! I went looking for other people’s opinion of them after having the red velvet variety and wondering, “Could these really be as good as I thought they were?”. I purchased mine at a very local grocery store (Donelan’s in Groton, MA) but will be on the alert at other places. Your price at Wal-Mart is a dollar less than what I paid (though they tasted so good, I don’t mind paying the extra). Even my husband, who is not a cake person (gasp!!!), loved them. Thanks, again! By the way, be sure to try the red velvet: the cream cheese frosting really tastes like honest-to-goodness cream cheese frosting, not what I’d expect from a store bought cupcake.

    • Lisa, thank you for your comment and for reading! I am so glad we aren’t alone. I still haven’t found the red velvet, but I’ll be sure to pick some up if I do!

      • Got the Red Velvet at my local Wal Mart in VA, and I could NOT get enough! Moist, not terribly sweet, delicious!

  6. I too, found these delectable cupcakes in Walmart by chance a few weeks ago, went back a second time a few days ago and bought the lemon creme ones. Both were fantastic. SADLY ENOUGH THOUGH, the second time I went, which was just a few days ago, the bakery lady said Walmart will no longer be carrying them! How can I find them now? Is there a website for Kimberleys? 😦 Help! Ginger in Charlotte

    • Hi Ginger! We are so surprised at the amazing response these cupcakes have gotten! It makes us extra happy to know we aren’t crazy when we thought they were really tasty. 😉 Unfortunately I tried to do some digging but wasn’t able to find any results for Kimberly’s Bakeshoppe. Do you know if the woman working at Walmart meant that your Walmart wouldn’t carry them anymore or all Walmarts in general? I think we are going to try and keep our eyes out for them else where becuase some commenters above said they found them at Kroger, Target and other local grocery stores. It seems so strange that there is no website for them!

  7. I bought the lemon ones at walmart last night and had to try it. OMG they are so good all gone i got to try the others, but i must say the lemon filling was my favorite part since i had not read the package i didnt know it was in there surprise and so good. So i wanted to see if there was a bakery and looked it up and found your page.

  8. I Love these cupcakes! They aren’t favorite & I like the Vanilla bean creme the most. The main reason I wanted to reply to this post was that it says only Walmart carries them & that is not correct at least not on Washington it’s not. I buy them at Fred Meyer, QFC & Walmart. I live about 10 min outside Seattle, WA. So for people who don’t or won’t shop at Walmart u can still get these yummy cupcakes:)

    • Hi Jessica! Thank you for commenting. We have received an overwhelming response to this post and as you mentioned, recently have been finding out that other locations carry it. As soon as we get a chance we will update the post to list all the locations that have been mentioned to us. We haven’t yet been able to find a website for Kimberly’s Bake Shoppe, but hope one day there is one which lists all the retailers that we can link too. Thanks again for commenting! Look out for the updates in the post in the near future. And if you see them anywhere else, please let us know so we can add it to the list.

  9. I just bought them yesterday and I already ate 3 out of 4! (2 last night and 1 this morning)
    There were soooo good!

    I was looking for the recipe online then I found your blog talking about this.
    So I thought I should join by leaving a comment. 🙂

  10. Just like jenn, I too just so happen to see them n the baked goods section n I immediately bout the vanilla bean because they looked so good. I couldn’t wait to get them home and devour them. Needless to say, I was ABSOLUTELY pleased! And quite surprised because I didn’t read the label and notice that they had filling. But so far I’ve tried the vanilla bean,lemon and red velvet which those I don’t like, one of these days I’ll buy the chocolate ones, even tho I’m not a big chocolate cupcake fan..bottom line, I LOVE THEM!

  11. These are sooooo good!! I came across these cupcakes at Target here in Lee’s Summit, MO. My mother and I aren’t big on sweets but we both agree Kimberly’s cupcakes are a must have!!

    • My first review was based on the lemon creme cupcakes but since then I’ve tried the red velvet and they by far are the BEST!! These are the best store-bought cupcakes I’ve ever tasted!! I have to eat them in moderation cause I really could DESTROY all four in one day!

  12. I absolutelly love these cupcakes. I find them at Walmart in Orlando FL.
    I want to mention that just last week I saw a carrot and pumpkin flavor filled with cream cheese and a chocolate flavor filled with caramel instead, maybe a fall / holliday flavor?? .. I found them at the Walmart in Sand Lake Rd. I will be trying them soon!

  13. I just devoured the pumpkin spice filled with real cream cheese. They are sooooo delicious!! My Wal-Mart also had the lemon, red velvet and carrot cake, which I will be going back for!!

      • Jenn, my daughter and I found the pumpkin spice cupcakes yesterday at the Wal-Mart in Aberdeen. I especially loved the filling, and I’m very picky about cream cheese frosting. These are my favorite of the Kimberley’s cupcakes I have tried so far.

      • You all have convinced me that I need to find these pumpkin ones. That’s my cupcake goal this week. 😉

  14. Just saw these for the 1st time today and don’t usually splurge ($4.99 at Kroger) but they looked good and said filled with fudge. I was so disappointed. I really couldn’t taste the chocolate (and I am picky about my chocolate, love it) and there was absolutely no filling to be found. Bad batch maybe? Sounds like everyone else has loved them 😦 So disappointed.

    • So sorry to hear that you didn’t have a good experience with your batch. I wonder if others have felt the same but just haven’t sought them out on the Internet because of that reason. I hope you have better luck with your next cupcake splurge!

  15. There’s no website for Kimberley’s. The cupcakes are made by the Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp. It’s printed on the bottom of the package. Their website is

  16. I found them today at King Soopers here in Colorado.They only carried the vanilla bean,Chocolate,and red velvet.We tried the vanilla and chocolate.They were great compared to the normal cupcakes made with buttercream icing.Usually the icing is too sweet but these were great.They were 4.99 here also! Will have to look around for the other flavors to try.

  17. I literally just had one of these and went searching online to see where they come from and found this comment site. We have them here at Fred Meyers on Oregon coast. And there are regular vanilla and chocolate six pals and the vanilla is my favorite not too sweet not to big perfect indulgence. Getting a bit chubby tho!!! 😉

  18. They sell them at Food-4-less!!! I buy the red velvet and vanilla bean cupcakes twice a month for a treat! $3.98 for 4

    • Unfortunantly the manufacturer doesn’t have them on their website so no list of locations is available. We are the bloggers who reviewed them and have only found them at Walmart in our area. If you read through the comments you may find more locations in your area. Good luck!

  19. I just picked up the carrot nut cupcakes from Walmart last night. They were great. My husband didn’t believe me but had one as a late night snack and said they were the best cup cakes (he doesn’t even like cup cakes)! I’m going to have to go back and try the lemon ice and red velvet.

  20. I’m sorry but I’m not sure what other cupcake stores you have nearby. But as a last resort I had to get cupcakes from the local Ralph’s market her in Los Angeles.

    The frosting was a hard wax like substance that left my toungue with a greasy feel.
    The cake part was no big deal. Yes it was moist but with that long list of chemicals on the ingredient label I’m sure there is something that can keep Canadian made cupcakes supposedly fresh tasting but not really fresh.

    We have Sprinkles and other high end cupcake places and I would never buy the Kimberly Bakeshoppe (really made by a huge corp called Give and Go) for myself.

    Sorry but after eating part of one of the four (Vanilla bean) cupcakes I took the rest for the not so picky cupcake eater.

    • Hi, Andrew! Thanks for reading and contributing your thoughts. You can check out all our reviews if you’d like to see some of the places we’ve visited. I’ll warn you the list is pretty long! We’ve been to many, many quality bakeries (including Sprinkles DC, which hasn’t been one of our favorites), but have vowed to “try them all” which led us to these cupcakes. It’s interesting that you had such a bad experience, like one of our other readers, when so many have enjoyed them. Maybe a bad batch you could call the grocier or Give and Go about. Thanks stopping by our blog!

  21. Just found these after my workout today at my local krogers on a whim! I got the red velvet ones and the check out girl was like gushing over them when I paid for them. I just tried one with some Starbucks and it tasted like heaven and it was creamed filled. Yum yall

  22. My husband and I in general, LOVE Red Velvet Cake and find it SO hard to find good and true Red Velvet with a real cream cheese icing. We stumbled upon the beautiful full-sized cupcakes at Wal-Mart this past weekend and decided to give them a chance. How many times do you buy a cupcake that looks good and ends up being horrible? We have, many times and unfortunately have paid way too much for some of those “gourmet” cupcakes that don’t taste as good as they look. So we were pleasantly surprised with how scrumptious and rich the Red Velvet Cupcakes were. The cake itself was SO moist and tasty, you could eat just the cake without icing. The icing was sweet, cream cheesy, and very smooth. Plus, it was nice to get a cupcake with a good amount of icing, no skimping on the topping. We have also found cupcakes that claim they are “filled” and find little to nothing inside, but these definitely were filled. Absolutely fantastic! We are lucky Wal-Mart is a drive for us, otherwise we would be going daily to get these by the case.

  23. My question is how much more ingredients and preservatives are in these cupcakes compared to the ones I buy at the cupcake bakeries? I haven’t tasted these yet, however, I think the bakery ones should be more close to scratch cakes I used to bake.

    • I did look at the ingredients and there were some that weren’t straight forward, so I imagine there are some preservatives in them so that they can be distributed and then stay on the shelf for a few days.

  24. Can we see a variety in Walmart soon. I would like to try your other flavour also. Don’t get me wrong keep the lemon and the chocolates coming. They are awesome, I don’t even buy the Walmart cupcakes anymore. Can u also put it on a case of 16 count pretty please .

    • Latricia, as fellow cupcake lovers we are so glad you enjoyed yours as well, however we are not affiliated with Kimberley’s Bakshoppe. You should try getting in touch with Give and Go, their distributor. Thanks for your comment!

  25. I found these at Sprouts, which is a higher end Whole Foods type grocery store here in California. I liked them so much I went online to check out the website, only there wasn’t one! So I ended up here instead. I agree they are quite good, so good that I was shocked to find out they are also carried at Walmart! I thought maybe they were some fancy brand that only sold to specialty markets. Either way, they are delicious for a store bought cupcake!

  26. Forget everything you thought you knew about store-bought cupcakes. Hands down, Kimberley’s are pretty much the best cupcakes EVER. They’re always perfectly moist and the frosting has the most delicious whipped consistency that isn’t overly sweet. I’ve found that these are really good cold too. I’ve tried chocolate, vanilla bean and red velvet. Also, tonight I noticed Kroger had a Valentine’s day chocolate six pack. If you get the chance, DEFINITELY try these, they’ll change your life!

  27. These are the best store bought cupcakes I have ever tasted. So moist!
    I have found these at Albertson’s and Super Target here in North Richland Hills, TX.
    It is definatley worth the trip to the store if you have a cupcake craving!

  28. I also found these cupcakes at our local super Targettwo days ago. started searching the internet to see where all I could purchase them and ended up here. We have a gourmet cupcake store here in Lee’s Summit, Mo that made it onto The Food Network. Kimberley’s beats them hands down.

    • I gave a review of these cupcakes a few months ago and I also live in Lee’s Summit,MO….couldn’t agree with you more! I l found them at Target also and I love the red velvet cupcakes. I used to buy red velvet from the ‘cupcakery’ that I’m pretty sure you’re referring to but haven’t been back since…Kimberly’s is much cheaper and better!

  29. i went into walgreens for something last night and saw these. they just looked good and i guess i was craving chocolate. WOW. i am 72 yrs old a good baker on my own but these were the best cupcakes i have ever had. light, moist and delicious frosting. i was floored when i looked to see what local bakery they came from and found out they were made in Canada. i am in NC usa

  30. These were just brought to me two days ago from a PA area Walgreens. The cake on these is delicious. I am going back for the lemon. The chocolate was so divine. Nice change from all the disappointing cupcakes of the last few years.

  31. I was skeptical when I saw these at Walmart but I figured for a $1 a cupcake what the heck….wow are they good! We tried the vanilla bean and it was awesome. Will be trying lemon and chocolate next…..

  32. I found some at krogers they are delicious they only has the red velevet, lemon, and chocolate fudge flavore I would love to try the vanilla. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but these cupcakes are the My new addiction!!!

  33. I found the cupcakes at my new kroger with a price tag of $ 4,99 which is not bad for a gourmet cupcake and they are Delicious, try all the flavors and I can said better than crave cupcakes, so am planning a bunco party for 20 girls and these are in my list! Have great valentines day and enjoy the shopping, the baking, golf, tennis or whatever make u happy!

  34. I just bought the chocolate cupcakes (6 miniature with sprinkled) for my kids for valentines day…I was shocked at how moist and light they were…and the frosting was delicious. I bought them at a small town grocery store, but I’m definately looking for the big ones at Walmart. These r a wonderful product. I tried to find a website for them, wasn’t able to…but this is the first website that popped up. Glad to read the reviews.

  35. I noticed these cupcakes at my local Wal-mart several months ago and tried them because they looked so good. I rarely buy baked goods because they usually don’t taste as good as homemade, but I was very surprised by these. They are so good. Way better (and cheaper) than many cupcakes that I have tried at expensive cupcake shoppes. I have tried the chocolate, red velvet and lemon. They were all good in their own way. Next on my list is the vanilla.

  36. I just wanted to contact someone about my problem. It was last weekend and and drove what should have only been a 4 but because of the snow storm it was 6 hrs. to see my little niece for her birthday. with them being military & being gone for years & me missing alot i try to do everything that i can for themso when i stopped in bedford for gas i seen these pretty cupcakes & me knowing she wouldn’t get her cake till the next day i thought i would surprise her by showing up at her door holding a birthday cupcake all for her. So i bought 12 of them & showed up holding one in my hand it was so cute she was so happy that i was their & it was so great that i brought cupcakes for her birthday even if it was almost 11:00 pm. Lol but they was the worst cupcakes i ever had. No one would eat them. The icing tasted so gross. I just though something could be done about this.

    • Hi Susan, we are sorry to hear you had a negative experience with Give & Go’s Kimberly Bakeshoppe cupcakes. As you can see, many people have had an incredibly positive reaction to them, so it’s a shame you did not as well. We wanted to reply to your message to let you know that we are not affiliated with Kimberly’s Bakeshoppe or the Give & Go Corporation. I’m sure they would like you to contact them with more information on where you purchased their cupcakes so they can look into it further. Thanks for reading our blog!

  37. I purchased my first few containers of Vanilla bean and red velvet cupcakes at Ralphs in La Palma CA. for $3.99 each, but will see if Walmart has them cheaper. So delicious!

  38. i brought these today the chocolate and they are delicious i found them at walgreens the cashier said after customers find out how good they are they aren’t going to be abe to keep them stocked i usually pay 10 dollars for 4 homebaked cupcakes here locally in oklahoma and on valentines day her’s were so dry I just threw them in the trash now I know where to find them I will be buy them i paid 2.99 the regular price is 3.99 that is a bargain to me. i also was looking for their website so i could order, I will have to check walmart to see if they carry it here.

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  40. I purchased the Vanilla bean cupcakes at my local Walmart in Ozark, Missouri. On a regular basis I try other peoples cupcakes to see what people rave about. I am a baker from old school style of baking. I have to say, I was not impressed with these cupcakes at all. However , they were better then the Walmart brand, but it is evident they are made in a factory and not by hand. As a baker my self with a trained pallet these were not great. IMHO. If you are looking for a quick fix, then I would pick these out over the Walmart ones, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

  41. I have been buying these cupcakes at Bottom Dollar and just noticed the Kimberely’s cupcakes label. Havent seen that before, it was always a plain label, so I had to look them up! They are the best, I was told they come in frozen, and I always look for the date that is the farthest from date I am buying and they are always fresh. I haven’t seen the lemon, only r the chocolate or white, not vanilla bean. They are not filled either. At Bottom Dollar they are $2.88 for either the mini or the regular size.

  42. I found these at Walmart in Red Velvet and thought I would give them a try. Red Velvet is my very favorite cake, ever. Was I ever surprised! They are so delicious. I will buy hem over any other Red Velvet cake or cupcake. I also tried the Lemon and Vanilla. Red Velvet is still my favorite. Trouble is, my Walmart is a ways away and last two months when I have been there they are out of Red Velvet. Darn! Everyone else has discovered them! Now that I have read Walgreens and Target carries them, I will be looking there for them as well and will definitely buy more next time! Wish they had larger sizes at slightly less price. I paid 3.89 for 4. Wish I could get hold of the recipe.

  43. I found Kimberley’s Bake Shoppe cupcakes at Kroger in Nashville, Tn. I tried the chocolate and OMG! I mean this when I tell you, i have never in my life tasted such a soft and fresh cupcake in my life! Either I dont get out much or these are just the best dang cupcake ever! I have to admit, I ate 2, about 30 mins apart. I just couldnt wait till the next day. Im in love!!

  44. I stumbled upon Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe cupcakes in Kroger in Atlanta, GA last week. I had never heard of them and thought I would give them a try. I was kind of skeptical because they were in the frozen section and I wasn’t sure how they would taste since they had been frozen. I picked up the chocolate ones and WOW were they good! They are very moist and light and the frosting was pretty good. So glad I decided to try these!

  45. We picked up a 4-pack tonight after The Sweet Tooth Fairy closed just one minute before we got to their door. I was SO disappointed, and was craving a cupcake. I’d been eyeing the Kimberley’s cupcakes for a long time; they were so pretty and looked like they contained higher quality ingredients than the normal cupcakes at Target, so that’s what we got (the 4-pack is the same cost as nearly 1 cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy, minus $1).

    I chose the triple chocolate, and I have seen a few comments above I’d like to address. I believe that your cupcakes *did* have the fudge creme filling, but it was easy to miss because there is probably half of a tablespoon or less of it inside each cupcake. The creme filling is the same color as the cake, so it is easy to miss. If you take huge bites, you’re going to miss the creme. I promise it’s there; there just isn’t a lot of it, and because both the creme and the cake are so moist, they blend together. Next time, slowly eat your cupcake with smaller bites and really let the flavors roll over your tongue. Then you’ll notice the complementary fudge creme filling.

    • Jen, thanks for finding our review of Kimberely’s Bakeshoppe Cupcakes and leaving a comment! After reading all the comments about the chocolate cupcakes not having a fudge center I paid extra close attention myself and noticed how easy the filling could be missed. I also wonder if it’s because the cake has absorbed some of the filling. I’ve had that happen in my own chocolate ganache filled cupcakes.

      I know how it feels to need a cupcake fix so I’m glad you found a substitute! We’ll have to look into The Sweet Tooth Fairy and add it to our list of places to try. Thanks!

  46. The red velvet is very good. Light cream cheese flavor, not cream cheese overkill like some I’ve had before. These cupcakes are so light and moist, unlike any other store- bought cupcakes I’ve ever had. The chocolate is good too, I haven’t had vanilla bean or lemon yet, but judging from the comments here and from my experience with the red velvet and chocolate, I doubt they’ll disappoint!

  47. The hubby bought me this among other chocolate goodies for Mother’s day. I loved it! We were in Mississippi for Mother’s day and now back in Maryland. I hope I can find them in the local Target cause the Walmart is kinda far away. The cupcakes tasted really good, like one of those DC cupcakes. Which I have had a lot of and these definitely are equally good too and I’m sure a little less expensive. I am late in discovering these cupcakes and I didn’t do it myself either but I was glad that the review was by someone in MD. So I have hope of finding it here somewhere! Thanks for the review.

    • Hi, Jen! I’m glad you found our blog! I’ve been keeping an eye out for these at the Walmart in Westminster, but it’s hit or miss. Hopefully you’ll discover some other places we’ve reviewed local to you. Let us know if you find these cupcakes somewhere else in Maryland. Thanks for your comment!

  48. I found the Red Velvet cupcakes here in Ontario, at Foodbasics! Amazing, I’m saddened I can’t find a “real” website for the company!

  49. I just bought these cupcakes today. I bought the Vanilla Bean ones. They are absolutely amazing. I wish I could find the Lemon ones/

  50. OMG! Today is my son’s birthday. He wanted cupcakes instead of the traditional birthday cake. I was at Walmart and saw these cupcakes on the counter. We bought the Lemon Ice, Double Chocolate, and Red Velvet cupcakes. My favorite was definitely the lemon ones, but the others went over just as well with everyone else. I will definitely be buying these again. I just wish I could get the lemon in a full size cake!

  51. I just finished a Vanilla Bean cupcake and went searching the internet for other places to buy them or see their website. Not! It was pretty tasty and a right price. Wegman’s wants $5.00 for four cupcakes that are just ok.
    I will definitely buy them again. I happened to be in a Walmart Supercenter. I wonder if you can buy them in a regular Walmart.
    Thanks for your blog!

  52. I live in southern California and I have been having these cupcakes since end of 2012. i get them at Super Walmart or Ralphs. My favorites are the vanilla and red velvet ones. The lemon and chocolate are also good but not my favorites. It seems like most people like the lemon ones. Tonight, I tried the strawberry ones and they are delicious! I think it is a new flavor since I haven’t seen it before so it is now my new favorite (move over vanilla and red velvet !). Plus it’s only 350 calories compared to the others which are 370 (like 20 calories make much differnce right? Hahaha) You guys should try it when you see it at your local supermarkets! You will love it!

  53. I bought the Lemon Ice cupcakes in Walmart for 3.99,…they are THE BEST cupcakes I have ever had in my life! They are so light and fluffy I almost had to use a spoon to eat one. Amazing! It’s a shame there’s no website. I have been recommending them to everyone!

  54. Pingback: Brimfield Tips from a Seasoned Shopper | Munro Shea Designs

  55. I have to say I just purchased some Strawberry Cream cupcakes of Kimberlys from Krogers. On the label it says “Filled with REAL STRAWBERRIES” This is nothing less than false advertising. There is a smidgen of strawberry(?) jam inside the cupcakes. NO REAL STRAWBERRIES. Nothing will stop me from purchasing a product quicker than to advertise something that’s not…

    • Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe has just outdone themselves. I found a new cupcake they just started – Chocolate Caramael Swirl (with a caramel filling) – and it’s incredible! Better than their other flavors, and I love lemon, vanilla, & chocolate. If you like Kimberley’s cupcakes, I highly recommend you try this new flavor! I sure hope it’s not a one-time thing (or seasonal for the summers) – because I’d buy this all the time. After buying a package, I went back to the store and bought 2 more packages. With caramel added in, imagine the best of these cupcakes crossed with a Milky Way bar.

  56. I’ve had the strawberry swirl and lemon ice. I loved both the strawberry I had had plenty of filling and amazingly moist. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  57. I absolutely have had the BEST cupcake ever. I have eaten cupcakes from a lot of different places and the vanilla bean is so delicious. It was better than most wedding cakes I’ve had. I love them thanks KIMBERLEY BAKESHOPPE.

  58. I know you were reviewing the cupcakes, but this company also makes an AWESOME granola. If anyone out there likes granola even just a little bit, you’ll love it!

  59. Kimberly’s Bakeshoppe cupcakes are the most awsome cupcakes I have ever eaten! I tried the Triple Chocolate & it definately was “To Die For!” I only wish I could find lemon & strawberry. The St Cloud Walmart only offers 3 flavors.

  60. Hi I saw some of these in our Walmart today, tomorrow is our anniversary and just wanted to pick up a little treat for us. I bought the triple strawberry ones, oh my Lord, were they good! I bought the strawberry because my husband loves strawberry anything and they were also so pretty, just looked like a special treat. Boy, were they! Fabulous. Moist, wonderful strawberry filling and the icing was delicious, not to sweet, just right. And did I say they are really pretty? My husband can take or leave sweets usually, tonight he said he had to talk himself out of having a second one, that is a first with him! I cannot wait to try the lemon ones, I am a nut for anything lemon. We are going out to dinner with friends who share our anniversary tomorrow night, we always exchange a card and maybe a small gift, this year they are getting cupcakes from us ,they will love them .I am NEVER impressed with store bought baked goods, usually leave cupcakes for the grandkids but these are the exception, they are marvelous.

  61. I bought mine at kroger here in the metro detroit area, I have the triple chocolate.
    3.99 for 4 pack , im glad I did, they are delicious , some of the best ever purchased in a grocery store..I shall buy more!

  62. I just bought the vanilla bean, delicious! Looking forward to lemon, or strawberry next time. I would love to get these in bigger packages for birthday parties. I have only found them at walmart.

    • Vikki they are also at kroger, and any major grocery store Ralphs in los Angeles as well. Walmart sucks I never go there.

  63. I bought some of the vanilla bean tonight at my local Food Lion. 3.99 for a 4 pack. With the little black specks through the frosting, I was expecting that distinct vanilla flavor.

    I didn’t really taste the vanilla, the frosting was heavy and sweet. It left a residue on the roof of my mouth, kind of chalky and pasty. The inside had what looked like pudding, or something along the lines of a donut filling, and I didn’t sense any vanilla bean flavor in it as well.

    The cake was good, but it was a different texture than a homemade cupcake, more sticky like store bought.

    The packaging looked promising and the price was alluring, so I was a little disappointed that they didn’t taste as they looked that they would have. Satisfied my sweet tooth, but in the future, I’ll make my own if I want that classic vanilla bean flavor that I was looking for. I probably won’t finish the pack. 😦

  64. Dear Crusader Jenn,

    I actually googled these cupcakes to search for other pleasantly surprised Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe cupcake lovers. I had a strange and unquenchable craving for strawberry cake in the middle of the night one night. Assuming that all I’d be able to find at that hour would be something mediocre with and aftertaste, but would solve my craving issue for the moment. To my shock and amazement, biting into this little strawberry explosion transported me directly to bliss. It was heavenly. I echo what other indulgers have expressed about the moisture and sweetness, but have to add that the strawberry filling took the pleasure over the top. It was perfectly strawberry (naturally tart and sweet) and not a bunch of syrup. I am trying with all my might not to be an addict! I am surprised that no one else has mentioned this dilectible strawberry version. Mmm-Mmm-Mmm-Mmm-Mmmmmmm!!!!!



    • Thanks for your comment! We have heard of the strawberry on another post, but still have yet to try them. My local Walmart, where I first spotted Kimberely’s Bakeshoppe, doesn’t carry them anymore. BUT I saw the strawberry ones at a Super Walmart in the neighboring town and plan to give them a try! They tend to get mixed reviews, but for the price and for a store-bought cupcake, I love them! The distributer freezes them fresh, and ships them frozen to the retail stores. That’s how they stay so moist, as long as the retailer is working with the distributer’s standards to help keep their quality control in tack. We are always glad to find new cupcake lovers, so thanks for coming to our site!

  65. Here’s something you all may have not noticed… ever noticed with store bought cupcakes, that the icing is always ruined when the cupcakes moves around in the container?? with these it, it almost never happens – to prove it, when you are in the store, grab the container and turn it upside down… 🙂

  66. You guys are not going to believe where I have been buying these Kimberly cupcakes. REAL DEAL DOLLAR STORES. YES REAL DEALS AND $1.00 a box of 4/ bought them for the first time mid June and I wasn’t sure if I should buy them or not… But I bought one box and tried one for an afternoon snack I had a red velvet. OMG. these were the best cupcakes I have ever had. I had to cook for a funeral, 2 golf tourys and served these for dessert. Not one person complained. I have bought a total of 8 cases in 3 weeks. I have 2 cases in my freezer right now for upcoming summer parties to bring for dessert. These are shipped from Canada frozen. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kimberly’s…

  67. Well, you’ve out done yourself again Kim. As I browsed the isles looking for that scrumptious red velvet cupcake of yours I tried I found not 1, but 2 new Flavors! I eagerly placed both the chocolate AND vanilla cupcake in my cart. The drive home felt like an eternity; just waiting to put that cupcake in my mouth. As I got home I ripped open that plastic casing and i found a gorgeous cupcake placed oh so carefully. I first licked all the frosting off and that vanilla bean melted in my mouth. Never have I been so at ease in my life alone. Next I shoved the rest if the cupcake into my cupcake hole. To my surprise vanilla cream burst at the seems, filling my mouth with it’s light and creamy deliciousness. I screamed “YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!” In my house (although no one was in the house but myself).
    Now I eagerly await to try my chocolate fudge cupcake! I now expect excellence.
    You’ve done it again, Kim. You saucy wench.

    • Hi Gloria, since we are not the makers of Kimberley’s cupcakes, we can’t answer that question. If you find them at your local grocery store, I would read the labels. Typically (from what I’ve read) most food products that are massed produced used pasteurized products. Also, I believe that cream cheese is also typically pasteurized. However, we aren’t experts and can not confirm this with 100% certainty.

  68. I 💖 these cupcakes!!!… She has a strawberry shortcake out now… LADIES DELICIOUS,I was surprised at,how she was able capture the taste!!….Awesome cupcakes😋

  69. I am a chocoholic I just love any thing chocolate. The other day my boy friend came home from Walmart with your triplechocolate cupcakes. They were the best I have ever eaten. My daughter who is not a dessert lover tried one. She said it was the best she had ever eaten. The icing was not greasy. A Aplus in our family. Thanks Deborah

  70. I bought some of these for a co worker to say Congratulations when she found out she was having a little boy. She posted on Facebook that they were the best cupcakes that she has ever had. I bought some for my family today. Can’t wait to try them!

    • Sorry. Forgot to put that I bought her and myself the Lemon Ice. Incidentally, I do see at our local Albertson’s they are now selling a mango one.

  71. OK these are my favorite cupcakes! If you haven’t already, you must try the triple strawberry ones, they are what made me fall in love with this brand. However, they are super hard to find lol

  72. My mom told me these are the best cupcakes ever she’s hooked before I had a chance to try them she tells me the last 4 packs she bought they didn’t have filing she was really upset,but because she loves them so much she bought 6 4 packs from different stores none had filling she was even more upset. So her sisters birthday was coming up she told my mom her cupcakes didn’t have filling either because of this, I’m not going to spend any money or time tring to find theses cupcakes that say have filling and don’t. She’s still hopefull to find those one in a million cupcakes that still have the filling not sucked out of them again very big disappointment to bad hopefully people take them back to the store they bought them they are not the only ones Judy very disappointed I really wanted to try them oh well I guess plenty more cupcakes out there

    • Judy, I think that sometimes the filling absorbs into the cake, or blends in, especially with the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. I’ve had the same issue, but they are still really tasty and have always been very moist, so for the price I still think it’s worth it. I’ve had fresh baked cupcakes that were $3+ each, not even supposed to have a filling at that priced and still not as good! So, looking at the price and the fact that you can get them conviniently at your grocery store (and they are much better than the standard grocery store cupcake), I would still give them a try. No one at the party needs to know they should/might have a filling. 😉

  73. I first discovered them in Smith’s Grocery in Las Vegas, NV. I moved to Pass Christian, MS and they sell a select few of her flavors at Walmart. Woot Woot!

  74. I love kimberly’s cupcakes! I have been buying them at a Giant Eagle near me..but i didnt see any just b4 christmas…they do not have corn syrup and are delicious…at least the chocolate ones are. So it is good to know i can look for them at Walmart if Giant Eagle is not carrying them anymore.

    • Thanks for your comment! I haven’t been able to find the cupcakes at the regular Walmart stores in a while, but they are still at the Super Walmart stores in my area. My local-chain grocery store, Food Lion also carries them now!

  75. I absolutely LOVE the triple chocolate! I used to get them all the time at my Walmart in Dallas. But now I live in CA and there’s not a Walmart near me. Seriously, I was going to have them ordered for my wedding, but then our caterer included his own -delicious but not Kimberley’s- cupcakes. haha. BUT, because I was looking into them for my wedding, I found out that you can…

    email “” with your zip code and they can send you a list of places in your area that sell Kimberley’s Bakeshoppe cupcakes! Happy snacking!

  76. Kimberly cupcakes are moist and Good but the frosting is to sweet so I just eat the cake love the cake but hate the frosting.

  77. I had discovered Kimberley’s cupcakes in our local Kroger’s store. I love them!!! I am a baker and I can say these are such a treat. I would rather have one of these than my own!! My fav is the lemon!! I am so jealous of the smooth and luscious frosting! I want to replicate it! So I must keep tasting them to figure it out! This may take some time!! Yum!!!

  78. Kimberly’s Triple chocolate cupcakes are the only ones that I would bother with eating now. I have only bought those when I indulge for the past year or so! But I’m also tempted to try the lemon and vanilla ones. I fear that they will taste just as good and then I will be undecided what to buy! Couldn’t they have an assortment set? I recently saw them under the Market Walmart label, so was wondering if they sold out to Walmart. The ones still labeled Kimberly’s at Ralph’s today must have had trouble with machine operation as the cupcakes looked planted crooked in the package, one had only the icing in the package slot and the icing wasn’t piled very high. I bought a “good” 4 pack of them but the taste was off too. Their workers might have been on something illegal is what I thought. Kimberly’s, what is up?

    • We noticed the same, with Walmart’s rebranding! I have found that the quality has been more difficult to count on the last couple of years since our original post. Sometimes the filling doesn’t seem to be present, but overall, they are still a delicious option, and the cake is always moist. Not to tempt you further, but the lemon and vanilla ones are pretty good. I’m curious about the birthday cake ones I’ve seen too! I haven’t noticed poor quality with the product found at grocery stores, but I will say that it could have something to do with the store or shippers themselves. Once it leaves the production facility, they are at the mercy of everyone else. I suggest contacting the company, if possible. when we emailed them (though its been nearly 7 years!), they were very friendly! They might like to know which location you’ve had issues with. Thank you for your comment!

  79. I bought a package for my Dad & Mom to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Since Dad was in the hospital at the time I knew it would be easier for them instead of a larger cake. My Dad fell in love with them. The next day Mom called & asked me to get a couple of packages for him next time I see him. I really love them too.

  80. These are the most Delicious cupcakes i have ever eaten, so moist and NOT sugary took a chance and bought them, so glad I did, Triple Chocolate , will definitely purchase them again and look for other flavors! Thank you Kimberly Bake Shop

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