Guest Post | Red, White, and Blueberry

While I was making Rice Krispy Treats topped with a red, white, and blue frosting for this past 4th of July, Guest Crusader Kim was also experimenting with her own red, white, and blue cupcakes. She shared her adventure with us and we hope it inspires you to create something festive for Labor Day. Enjoy!

For the 4th of July my husband’s family invited us to a cookout and asked if we could bring a dish. I promptly replied that I could bring (what else?) cupcakes.

I decided to visit Pinterest, as everyone was pinning cute red, white, and blue dessert ideas for the upcoming holiday. I did not find any one specific recipe that I wanted to try, but rather was inspired to create my own.

After checking what flavor cake batters I had, I settled on a Duncan Hines French Vanilla. Then decided to make a homemade (read: no measuring) raspberry buttercream, and a blueberry compote filling. I found simple instructions for the compote on

While the cakes were baking, I made the compote using frozen blueberries. Then I made the icing with butter, powered sugar, vanilla extract, pureed (in my brand new food processor) frozen raspberries, and milk. Using the raspberries meant no need for food coloring or fake flavoring.

Once the cakes cooled, the compote set, and the icing finished, I assembled. I topped each cupcake with a fresh blueberry and some white candy pearls. They were quite a hit at the cook-out, and pretty good if I do say so myself!

– Review by Guest Crusader, Kim (Maryland)

For more ideas on fun Red, White, and Blue themed sweet treats, visit our Pinterest board.


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