Elisa’s “From Scratch” Baking Experiment: Peach Cobbler

The Baltimore Cupcake Picnic was quickly approaching and I was all out of ideas for what kind of cupcake to bake. Thank goodness Stacy posted this peach cobbler photo to our Facebook page, because later that evening she suggested I bake them. On a side note: I love peaches and often pick them at Larriland Farm in the summer, so this was the perfect “filled” cupcake for me to try baking.

Of course I followed the recipe carefully (my golden rule of baking), but in the future there’s a couple of changes I would make:

• Chop the peaches smaller – I found that they were chopped a bit too big and made it harder to push into the batter. Next time I’ll make sure they are no larger than the very tip of my pinky, because that size seemed to work best.

• Add more cinnamon to the icing – There’s never enough cinnamon for my taste, and when I made the icing it seemed to lack flavor, so I very carefully added more and more until it tasted right. Overall I doubled the amount of cinnamon the recipe called for and beat the icing for 15 minutes so it would loose that gritty sugar taste and texture.

Though the picnic was canceled, my peach cobbler cupcakes were a huge hit with everyone that gathered at Stacy’s house. Mr. Ross, Jenn and Stacy’s dad and fellow cupcake lover, said it was his favorite cupcake of the day, and maybe ever! What a grand compliment for a humble, at-home-recipe-following-baker! My mom – who also loves peaches – really liked it too; she was also my icing tester, so that’s why the icing turned out so well. Thanks so much for your help mom. Crusader Stacy said it was the best cupcake of all my baking experiments – and I owe it to her for suggesting the recipe.

Overall this recipe was very easy to follow, easy to make, and tasted great! It is a cupcake I look forward to making again. Maybe next time, with a little more planning, I can make them with peaches I picked myself.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


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