Golden West Cafe’s Banana Cupcake

My coworkers are too kind to me. For a recent birthday celebration at the office they ordered lunch (and cupcakes) from the Golden West Cafe, located in Hampden, and since I was working from home on that particular day, they saved one for me and put it in the freezer so it would be in perfect condition when I was ready to fulfill a cupcake craving. I had never heard of the Golden West Cafe having cupcakes, so this was an unexpected, and very happy surprise.

My coworkers raved about how good this banana cupcake was. My first impression was that with its pink frosting and tiny white pearls, it seemed fit for a princess. My first bite was full on banana flavor. The cake was dense and maybe a little closer to a banana bread in texture, but it really did pack in tons of flavor. The frosting was really sweet. I read that it could be a cream cheese frosting, but it was too sweet for me to pick up hints of that. Because of the frosting, by the time I had finished the cupcake I really wished I had a large glass of cold milk.

Since my coworkers thought it was fabulous, but I thought it was a bit too sweet, I was curious what other people thought. I was also wondering if this cupcake is something that the Golden West Cafe serves on a regular basis and if they have other flavors. To find out some answers I hit the internet and discovered that the banana cupcake is a regular menu item and everyone seems to love it. An added bonus find was that it appears that they have fun with their decorations and switch it up frequently. Here are some of the different decorations I found (with links to the pictures):

– Crazy orange frosting with pink and white pearls and covered in purple sugar
– White frosting covered in purple sugar and yellow frosting covered in yellow sugar
– Yellow frosting with yellow pearls
– Blue frosting covered in blue sugar and multi-color pearls

If you are ever in the Hampden area and craving some tasty food followed by a sweet treat, stop in and grab a table at the quirky Golden West Cafe.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


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