Giveaway Winner and Book Review: The Cupcake Club is Back!

The girls from PLC (Peace, Love, and Cupcakes) are back in the second book of The Cupcake Club series, titled Recipe for Trouble. Last week we had a guest post by author Carrie Berk (Carrie’s Cupcake Critique), who has been writing the series with her mother, Sheryl Berk (coauthor of Soul Surfer, founding editor in chief of Life & Style Weekly, and contributor to several publications, including InStyle and Martha Stewart), along with a book giveaway.

Recipe for Trouble follows Lexi, a girl with a love and talent for art (which she uses to create cupcake designs), as she and the other PLC girls begin 5th grade. When the girls witness their classmate Jeremy, who Lexi has a crush on, throw away a chocolate cupcake especially made for him, they decide to do some detective work to find out why. During this time, Lexi also faces new experiences that challenge her shy nature.

I thought the book was written appropriately for the target age group, 9 to 11 years old. The story parallels things that most young girls go through or feel at that age, and has a sense of humor (cute cupcake and baking puns) that any young cupcake lover would like. Not to mention creative cupcakes that sound tasty, with recipes included at the end of the book. A lot of similar lessons about confidence, friendship, and problem solving can be found in Recipe for Trouble, as in the first book.

Giveaway winner!
The winner of our giveaway, who will be receiving a free copy of The Cupcake Club: Recipe for Trouble, is Jamie, from Hey Jamie Bakes!

Congrats, Jamie! Please email us at with your mailing address and your copy will be on its way!

If you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, Recipe for Trouble is available now at bookstores and online. Let us know what you, or the young cupcake lover in your life, think!


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