Firehouse Coffee & Cupcakes

Firehouse Coffee Co. is located on the square in Canton, and I frequently stop in for a coffee or my favorite chai latte. Recently, I popped into the shop for some lunch and a latte when I noticed cupcakes in the bakery case. Never able to resist the call of a cupcake, I asked the barista if they were made in house. Not only are they made in house, the owner of the shop makes them himself! The friendly staff member then offered me one—free of charge—just for asking about them. I let him know that I write for a cupcake blog and he was excited to have me try one.

Firehouse White Cupcake

This friendly little cupcake was an anomaly of flavors! The moist cake looked like normal “run of the mill” vanilla, but tasted like a mixture of angel food cake and pound cake—both of which are some of my favorite cakes. The top of the cake had a great little crunch to it, adding a nice texture. The frosting was really smooth but super sweet, which I do not normally like, but paired well with the subtly sweet cake.

You really can’t find better local coffee or friendlier staff… and now you can add yummy homemade cupcakes to that list. I hope the next time I stop in for coffee they have cupcakes in the case too.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


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