Giveaway Thanking You for the Facebook Love!



We are so excited about this next giveaway! One reason is because we’ve been collecting some neat things and can’t wait for one lucky person get them. The other BIG reason is because this giveaway will celebrate reaching 1,000 Facebook Likes! It’s unbelievable to us that our little blog has found so much love among fellow cupcake enthusiasts. Each new “like” keeps us encouraged to continue sharing our cupcake experiences with you and it warms our hearts to have found so many people who have an appreciation for cupcakes that matches our own. So, THANK YOU!

Now, I’m sure you all are wondering, “What are the Cupcake Crusaders going to give away?”


Well, of course there will be one of our most popular giveaway items: A Cupcake To-Go container. (Color subject to change…the one photographed is actually from my personal collection). Another item is something that we hope you love as much as we do:


ChapStick’s Limited Edition “Cupcake Creations” Cake Batter flavored lip balm. Seriously so cool! We also have some fun miscellaneous cupcake themed items, which we’ll be sharing in more detail as we countdown to hitting 1,000, including cupcake liners and crafting items.


Now you are probably wondering, “So, how can I win?” Once we hit 1,000 fans we will randomly selected one of our Facebook followers as a winner. If you “like” us on Facebook, then you are already entered! If you don’t, be sure to check out our Facebook page and “like” us! You can also help by sharing our page and giveaway so that we hit 1,000 as soon as possible. We have some great items for spring, so let’s make sure that the winner (which could be you) gets them before the season ends! Good luck!

One Cupcake Crusaders’ Facebook follower will be selected at random as a winner after reaching 1,000 “Likes.” Winner will be announced on Facebook and must contact us at with their mailing address in order to receive their prize.


– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Jenn (Westminster, MD)


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