Something New Coming Soon

We Cupcake Crusaders LOVE taking photos of the cupcakes we review and bake. As you can see from our recent Blast from the Past posts, we’ve been taking photos of our cupcake adventures for a long time now. It’s one of the reasons we decided a blog would be a perfect platform to share our cupcake experiences. Sometimes the photos are quick snapshots, but for the most part we try to be creative and take quality photos for our followers to enjoy (and because it’s fun!).

Knowing that the internet can be an easy place to share photos, we’ve considered watermarking our photos in the past, but have never done so because we didn’t want to distract from the true stars…the cupcakes! When putting together our posts, we do our best to link you to original sources of the cupcakes we review and the recipes we test out. We don’t frequently use photos that we didn’t take ourselves, but when we do we often seek permission from the owner and always credit them.

Recent discoveries of our original photos being used, but not credited, have caused us to re-evaluate the use of a watermark. We love that people are able to enjoy the photos and share them, but think it’s only right (for the audience and us) that the original source be cited. For us, when we see something we like, we like to know where we can get more of the same and we hope that you agree.

For that reason, you’ll start seeing a watermark on our photos. Our hope is that you find it tasteful, unobtrusive, and that it still allows you to enjoy our photos and the cupcakes just as much as before. Here’s a sample of how the watermark will look:


When you see that neat little mark on our photographs we hope that you’ll think, “Great photo! The Crusaders have done it again!


2 thoughts on “Something New Coming Soon

  1. I LOVE the watermark. I need to make one myself instead of the big bold Fizzy Party on my photo’s. I think Watermarking is a very good idea. Sources need to be creadited and I appreciate when people do.

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