Heaven Sent Cupcakes to Bowie

Being dog mom to my rescued German shorthaired pointer, Delilah, means planning my entire schedule around her. I’m more than happy to do that, because I love her more than anything, but am lucky to have help from my family when I need to get away for the weekend. My mom loves Delilah almost as much as I do, and often watches her for me. We meet up for the “Delilah hand off” in Bowie, MD at the Town Center Mall. During our recent meet up, my Mom noticed a cupcake place called Heaven Sent Cupcakery in the mall’s food court.


Obviously I had to bring a couple of cupcakes home to try! Luckily I didn’t have to try them alone because I was headed back to Baltimore to meet up with Crusader Stacy and a couple of friends at Bistro Rx. After grabbing some yummy coconut curry mussels, white truffle fries, and a couple of craft beers, we decided it was time for dessert.

Apple PieHeavenSent-ApplePie

While Crusader Stacy and I both feel that Apple Pie is more of a fall flavor, in the end, we were both happy this flavor made its way onto our plates. This cupcake was simply decorated with pie filling and a little bit of edible glitter. The cake had a nice texture and the frosting was just sweet enough for the apple flavor to stand out. The apple pie filling and topping was a plus and added a nice texture. It might not be fall, but this flavor was a winning combination.

Maple Walnut Chocolate ChipHeavenSent-MapleChocChip

When I saw this unique flavor combination, I couldn’t pass it up! The sweet maple frosting paired well with the walnut and chocolate chip cake, creating an interesting savory, sweet breakfast feel – maybe it’s the maple. And who doesn’t love chocolate chips and walnuts on top? This cupcake inspires me to create something new with the yummy walnut cake I used in the Walnut & Fig Cupcake.

The cupcakes from Heaven Sent were really good and an unexpected sweet treat! I look forward to going back the next time I meet up with my mom, ‪who happens to also be “heaven sent.” I can’t thank her enough for always taking the best care of Delilah. She’s definitely the best Mom in the world. (Granted I may be slightly biased, ‪but aren’t we all when it comes to our‬ moms?)‬

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


2 thoughts on “Heaven Sent Cupcakes to Bowie

  1. Those both look so good! I wish I could have been a part of that tasting! Bring me some next time. 😉

  2. mmm that apple pie one looked good. Love the glam of the glitter. I’m a fur mamma too 🙂 Rescued my kitty in 2010. Thaks for adopting from a rescue and showing us another nummy cupcake place.

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