Summer Specials in Georgetown

Georgetown Cupcake is so well known just about everyone recognizes their name and has seen their TV show. We Crusaders have been to both their Georgetown and Bethesda locations and enjoy their consistently delicious cupcakes. In fact, we wish they were closer so that we could enjoy them more often.

Luckily, my friend Laura also LOVES Georgetown Cupcakes and brings me cupcakes almost every time she comes to visit. (I know, I am so lucky!) On a recent visit she brought me two of the “June Special” cupcakes that I have never had before.

Coffee Cookies & Creme

Cookies and Coffee? Yes, Please. The frosting was savory with heavy coffee flavor, cookie crumbles stirred through and on top. The cake was moist and had great cookie flavor. I haven’t always loved cookies and cream cupcakes, maybe they were just missing coffee and cookie frosting!?

Orange Blossom

I’m still sad about the fact that I can no longer get Hostess Orange cupcakes, so this was a welcome surprise. Tart and sweet, this cupcake was like a Hostess Orange cupcake on steroids. You can see the real orange pieces throughout the cake and the frosting, there are no fake flavors here! Citrus flavors are a favorite of mine, and this cupcake really takes the cake!

Georgetown’s cupcakes are so delicious and the June’s Specials were no exception! Every new flavor has me falling in love with them all over again. Thanks so much to Laura for being so wonderful, coming to Baltimore to visit me, and bringing me cupcakes!  (Watch for a review of July’s Specials coming soon!)

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


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