Meet the Crusaders

The idea for this blog began because the three of us (Stacy, Jenn, and Elisa), all have a passion for design (we are all graphic designers) and a love for all things sweet. This love of sweets led us to the wonderful world of cupcakes. Why do we love cupcakes so much? (Do you really even need to ask that question?) Well, if you don’t know the answer: what could be better than an adorable little personal sized cake? It’s a treat just for you that brings back the feeling of being a kid again, even if just for a moment. So, we decided to start this blog as a creative outlet to share our love of cupcakes. We will be sharing the good, the bad, and even the down right ugly. You will see posts from some of the top rated cupcake bakeries to convenience store cupcakes (yes, we went there), and even our personal baking stories. If it is related to cupcakes, you’ll see it here.

You’ll also see posts from our wonderful Guest Crusaders. When we began this blog we knew we wanted to be able to share experiences and reviews from all cupcake lovers and we believe that each Guest Crusader brings a unique perspective and diversity to our blog. We couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who has contributed to this blog.

For more random facts about who we are outside of this blog, click here and here. 🙂

We hope you enjoy this blog and visit often!

(From left to right: Jenn, Elisa, and Stacy. (Stacy and Jenn are twins… just in case you noticed)).