Trekked from Arizona, Pt. 2

Healthy Guest Crusader Rebecca trekked cupcakes for me all the way from Arizona, and managed to stop by more than one cupcake location. My previous review about Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe in Tucson went very well, so I was hoping that the cupcakes and cake truffle pops from Caketini in Gilbert AZ, would be just as delicious.

There were two HUGE cupcakes and six cake truffle pops for me to sample:

Salted CaramelCakeTini-SaltedCaramel

Almost too pretty to eat, this cupcake was simply beautiful, and tasted great too. The cake was airy with a classic vanilla flavor. The frosting was light, smooth and not very sweet. It also seemed to be whipped and it was very buttery, which is right up my alley. The carefully drizzled caramel and cracked salt crystals on top added flavor and texture that took this cupcake over the top. Definitely a cupcake I would eat again, and even one I would trek back from Arizona!

Celebration Cupcake CakeTini-BirthdayCake
Funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles on top = an Elisa kinda cupcake! Most of my friends know about my love of funfetti, Crusader Stacy even made me funfetti cupcakes for my 30th birthday, so I was dying to try this cupcake. Like the Salted Caramel, the cake was moist and light, but very flavorful and FULL of funfetti specks throughout. The vanilla buttercream frosting was smooth and sweet, pairing well with the cake. The edible glitter and sprinkles on top certainly didn’t hurt my affection for this cupcake; it looked like a party and tasted like one too.

Cake Truffles: (clockwise from top) Carrot Cake, Chocolate Strawberry, Key Lime, Red Velvet with Milk Chocolate, Red Velvet with White Chocolate, & Chocolate Hazelnut

CakeTini-TrufPops1WOW – Aren’t these so pretty all lined up? Maybe cake pops/cake truffle pops should always be sold in half dozens. lol.


The shop staff recommended that the truffles be refrigerated and then eaten, as they prefer people to be able to crunch into the chocolate coating, so that’s just what I did. Each truffle was better than the next. All were moist and full of flavor, all had fantastic texture, and all were devoured in a day. (My goal had been to eat 3 and save 3 for the next day, but they were too good to stop eating!) My two favorites were the Red Velvet with White Chocolate and Chocolate Strawberry. While these two stood out, I would be more than happy to eat any of them again. By far some of the BEST cake truffles I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

If all of Arizona’s cupcakes are as good as the cupcakes I tried from Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe and Caketini, that Arizona is one lucky state! There wasn’t one bad cupcake or cake truffle in the bunch, and that’s very impressive considering they passed through two time zones on a plane and were already a day old. A special thanks to Healthy Guest Crusader Rebecca (and her fiance Jim) for trekking these treats back for me – if this is the kind of payment I get for watching their new puppy Shelby, then count me in!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


Trekked from Arizona, Pt.1

Dedication: (noun) self-sacrificing devotion.

That’s what it takes to trek cupcakes all the way from Arizona to Maryland. Sounds crazy right? Well, we Crusaders are crazy about cupcakes and crazy enough NOT to worry about airport security or flying across the country with cupcakes in hand.

Healthy Guest Crusader Rebecca recently traveled to Arizona and brought me back a HUGE assortment of cupcakes, cake pops, and even local honey as a thank you for puppy sitting her new puppy, Shelby. (Yes, again, and she was a fantastic house guest again. What a sweet girl.) Not only did Rebecca trek cupcakes across the states, via plane, back to Maryland, but she managed to keep them fresh and looking perfect too!

(Check out the my Arizona loot! Cupcakes, cake pops, and honey for my tea!)

She brought me cupcakes from two different shops, the first was Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe in Tucson. Owner Alisa bakes fresh cupcakes, serves up ice cream and coffee 7 days a week. Rebecca picked up four flavors for me to try:

Peanut’s Perfection (chocolate peanut butter)

After a year of writing for our blog, I have discovered I’m just as much of a chocolate cake snob as I am a red velvet snob… This chocolate cake was no disappointment though, it was moist, rich and had a peanut butter cup in the bottom of it! The frosting was simply heavenly with its fudgy richness and chocolate peanut butter flavor. I wasn’t expecting peanut butter in the frosting, and it was a welcome surprise. In fact, I’ll have to try using peanut butter in chocolate frosting sometime soon. A must order if you stop by the shop.

Mei Mei’s Mandarin

Mandarin oranges are sweeter and tangy-er than regular oranges, they also happen to be one of my favorite fruits, and this might be one of my favorite cupcakes. The moist cake didn’t have much orange flavor on its own, but the frosting more than made up for it. I have no idea how they packed so much orange flavor in that frosting, but it sure was amazing.

Papa’s Pumpkin

Fall might be over, but this cupcake whisked me back a couple of months! The moist and light cake had super spiced pumpkin flavor and the cream cheese frosting maintained a perfect balance of sweet and savory. I loved the sugared nut pieces on top, adding both flavor and texture to this already delicious cupcake.

Sara’s Sweethearts (strawberry cake with strawberry frosting)

Perfectly pink… this cupcake might be Glinda The Good Witch in cupcake form. (I wonder if this cupcake also travels by bubble?) The cake was just as moist as the other cupcakes, with a subtle strawberry flavor, while the frosting screamed strawberry. The Palmer chocolate heart on top was a nice touch, creating an almost “chocolate covered strawberry” flavor.

If this is any indication of how great the cupcakes in Arizona are, I might need to plan a trip! Sweet Things Cupcake Shoppe’s cupcakes were consistently moist with perfectly sweetened frosting, and great flavor options. I thoroughly enjoyed all four flavors and am so grateful that Rebecca brought them back for me to try. You’d think four cupcakes would be enough thanks, but as you can see there are more cupcakes and cake pops from Caketinit to write about… more on the rest of the Arizona cupcakes coming soon!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)