Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Most people have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Often they forget how this holiday started and the history of Saint Valentine. It wasn’t about the flowers or gifts, Saint Valentine just wanted couples to be able to get married, even if it was illegal in third century Rome. He ended up giving his life for his belief in love.

Nowadays it’s considered a “Hallmark” holiday, where guys begrudgingly spend too much on flowers and gifts – and single people just want it to be over. However, we Crusaders like to think of Valentine’s Day as an opprotunity to show someone you love (friend, parent, child, or significant other) how much they mean to you. So, if you’re looking for something to get that cupcake lover in your life, we gathered together some interesting, some typical, and some unique Valentines day gifts!

Cupcake Flowers
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Looking for some flowers to send? What about a bouquet shaped like a cupcake! These flowers are beautiful and won’t break the bank.

Kinky Cupcake Cookbook

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This flirty book, by Joanna Farrow, will be all the rage with your cupcake lover. If you’re brave or you’re the baker in the relationship, try making one of these recipes and grab some candles too.

Personalized Wrappers
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If you want to make cupcakes and give them to your valentines, perhaps you want to order these wrappers and personalize them!

Wrapper set
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If you aren’t the baker, maybe you’d rather pick up this cupcake wrapper kit from Meri Meri®! Not only will your valentine love these adorable liners and decorations, but then you get to reap the benefits when they use them.

Cupcake Liner Wrapper KitWrapperGiftWrap
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This kit isn’t for baking, it’s for wrapping up a gift for your Valentine. A pair of earrings, a love note, or perhaps some love coupons would be so cute wrapped up in a unique way.

Cupcake Watch
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Betsy Robinson sure knows how to make a cute cupcake watch that is the perfect pink for Valentines day. Maybe not for everyone, this watch is definitely fun and an out-of-the-box idea for your valentine.

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These comfy slippers, from Patricia Green, are perfect for your valentine. Pair them with breakfast in bed and you’ve got a winning combination.

The best Valentine’s Day present I’ve ever received was a handmade book about love, with definitions, quotes from famous philosophers, love in different languages, etc. The pages were designed with beautiful type and then cut and put together. It was the kind of gift that made me feel really special. What’s your favorite Valentine’s gift (cupcake related or not) and how will you show someone you love them next Thursday?

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)


Cupcake Lovers Gift Guide 2012

It’s the holiday season again and the Crusaders had so much fun putting together last year’s gift guides (adults & kids) that we decided to make it an annual post!

Anyone who loves cupcakes knows about cookbooks, carriers and the usual cupcake gifts…and if you read our blog you know some of our favorite story books, kitchen tools and of course our favorite cupcakes. So this year we looked for interesting and unique cupcake gifts, that aren’t your average “cupcake themed” present. Enjoy!


1. Cupcake Koozie, $8.99
This adorable knit koozie stretches to fit anything from a toddler sippy cup to a wine glass to a growler filled with your favorite beer. Don’t worry when it appears stretched out, once washed it will shrink back to its original size. Hand made in the USA.

2. Cupcake Chair Cover, $25
Want to change any chair into a cupcake throne? You’ll need one of these soft cupcake chair covers. Great for kids of all ages!

3. Washi Tape Set, $10.95
Washi paper is made by hand in Japan and can be used for anything. This set is perfect for anyone who might want to wrap presents, scrapbook, or decorate with cupcake tape.

4. Paper Gift box, $28
Snow & Graham has been providing Chicago with paper necessities since 1998, when they were just a small design studio, and this classy note block and recipe card set would be a great addition to any cook’s kitchen.

5. Cupcake Ring, $127
While a ring might not seem like a “new” idea, this ring really stands out! The designer, Rusty, makes each piece by hand in NYC. Beautifully simple, any girl would be lucky to wear one of his rings.


6. Earbuds, $12
Yup, cupcake earbuds. Now you can listen to your favorite music while showing off your cupcake love. These are seriously adorable and work with all standard headphone jacks.

7. Vintage Sign, $14.99
Vintage signs are a great way to accessorize any room in the house. We loved this one because we happen to love tea too!

8. Carousel Cupcake stand, $44.67
Whimsical and carnival in style, this is not your typical tiered cupcake stand. It holds 12 cupcakes and will be the talk of any cupcake party.

9. Sand Cupcake Creator toy, $14.99
Share hours of beach time or sand box time making sand cupcakes with the kiddies! This 12 peice set includes a mesh storage bag and is sure to please those sand and cupcake loving boys and girls.

10. Cupcake Silver Charm, $200
Tiffany’s is one of America’s favorite jewelery stores… and even they are in on the cupcake explosion! This beautiful charm is stunning on a chain or charm bracelet.

It’s great that there are so many options for anyone looking for cupcake gifts. We hope you enjoyed our finds and have a very happy holiday season!

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– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)

Kids Cupcake Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Our Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete with out including the kiddies! So the Crusaders put together some of our top 10 cupcake themed gifts for kids! Broken into two categories: Toys and Kids Room, it covers all things cupcake for kids, from paint by number to beanbags! We hope this inspires you to think outside of the cupcake box this holiday season when shopping for the kids in your life. Enjoy!


1. Paint by Number – Cupcakes!
$11.99 – Enjoy watching your child create a cupcake masterpiece with this fun and creative painting kit. The kits comes with real artists canvas acrylic paints, easy to follow instructions, and even an easy mount frame.  It is non-toxic, and recommended for ages 8+.

2. Learning Resources Sorting Shapes Cupcake Game
$15.39 – This fast-paced board game isn’t just fun, it’s also a great learning tool! With bright colors and fun shapes, kids will love playing this cupcake game.
Includes 30 shape cards in 6 different shapes, 4 self-checking cupcake puzzle cards, 4 pawns, large foam die, cake mix box, Activity Guide and game board measuring 14″L x 12.75″H
For 2-4 players. Ages 3+ describes it’s learning benefits:
* Reinforces shape recognition, attributes, matching (visual and tactile discrimination), and following directions
* Supports non-readers as children roll the die, move their pawns around the cupcake top, and fill in their cupcake puzzle cards

3. Melissa & Doug Toy Cupcake Set
$19.95 – This clever to set includes dry erase markers to decorate the cupcake tops over and over again! The set includes an oven mitt, wooden baking sheet, candles and cupcake holders, a must for any young baker! Ages 3+

4. Kidkraft Cupcake Stand
$24.99 – This cupcake stand is perfect for the little chef in your life! And makes the perfect addition to any kitchen play set. Includes two-tier cupcake stand, 8 pretend cupcakes, and mix and match tops and bottoms. Ages 3+

5. You R My Cupcake Book
$6.99 – You R My Cupcake is an adorable, bite-sized, board book that’s filled with all the names we call our children: cutie pie, sweet pea, peanut, pumpkin. With bright colors and fantastic artwork this book is great for all ages.

For the Kids Room

6. Harmony Kids Bean Bag – Cupcake
$19.99 (on sale as of 12/9/2011) – The perfect place for your little one to sit and enjoy a cupcake! This bean bag is bright, fun, and functional. Have your cake and sit on it too! A great addition to any kids room or play room.

7. Baby Bunch Cupcakes Onesies
$34.99 – This adorable set of cupcakes are actually onesies! Open the box and reveal a set of four short sleeve onesies. Made from 100% cotton and designed with lap shoulders and bottom snaps for ease. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

8. Cupcake Ceramic Bank
$12.99 – What a fun why to learn how to save money! This colorful cupcake bank by Stephan Baby is the perfect addition to your nursery or child’s room. The glossy finish and bright colors are sure to complement any décor. Stands 5″ tall.|13636971&CPNG=NoCPNG&ci_sku=13636971&ci_gpa=pe&ci_kw=cupcakes%20kids%20birthday

9. Cupcake Toddler Apron
$24.00 –  Perfect for your little baking helper! Made of 100% cotton and reversible, this apron will keep your little one’s clothes clean while they help you in the kitchen, paint, or even help you garden outside.

10. Cupcake Sweet on You Mittens
$19.99 – I’m not sure anything is cuter than kids with mittens, unless they have cupcakes on them too! Created by Zooni M’uppet ‘Sweet on You’ Cupcake Mittens are handmade and fleece lined to keep those little fingers nice and warm. (You can also buy a hat to match! Also in the photo)

What are some of your kids favorites? Have you found other kiddie cupcake items this holiday season? Share with us!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)

Cupcake Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s officially the holiday season, and what would the holidays be without cupcakes?! The Crusaders put together some of our top 10 cupcake themed gifts for adults, in this fun and helpful Gift Guide! Broken into two categories: Kitchen and Home goods, it covers all things cupcake, from ninja towels to bike bells! We hope this inspires you to think outside of the cupcake box this holiday season. Enjoy!

For the Kitchen

1. Vintage Cupcake Tin Carrier

$32.99 – Protecting cupcakes is of utmost importance to the Cupcake Crusaders, and we love this vintage style carrier! It pairs a fun retro look with a handy way to carry a dozen cupcakes to your next holiday party. Measures 14.5 inches long x 10.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall with handle. Tin.

2. Cupcake Circle Custom Stamp

$39.95 – For the true cupcake creator! This self-inking stamp is a great way to add your name to cupcake recipe cards, tags, stickers, and on anything else you might be able to think of! Each custom stamp is fitted with a black water-based ink pad and will last for 800-1000 impressions! Stamp impressions are approximately 2″ in diameter.

3. Cupcase Individual Cupcake Holders

$2.25 each – What a way to transport your cupcakes safely! With an inner platform that stabilizes the base of your cupcake and a thin plastic prong holds steady the top of your confection without messing up that beautiful icing! Once inside the Cupcase, you can bump, drop, toss, or shake your cupcake without it ending up with splattered icing and smashed cake.

Available in two styles: pink frosting with chocolate cake or chocolate frosting with vanilla cake. (Note: I actually bought these from two years ago for Crusader Stacy! And Jenn got them from Amazon as well!) Dimensions: 4″ tall x 3.5″ diameter (at widest point) • Material: Food grade plastic • Top rack dishwasher safe

4. Cupcake Kitchen Timer

$12.99 – This kitchen timer looks so good you might try to eat it! Ding! What a great way to show your kitchen some cupcake love with this fun timer. Make sure your cupcakes are cooked perfectly on time! Measures 3.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall.

5. Viking, Ninja, and Pirate Cupcake Towels

$24.99 for three – These kitchen towels are priceless! Funny, sweet, and useful! Nothing makes a more perfect gift for a cupcake creator or lover. Lintless drying makes these better than paper towels!  (You might even give them up as a result!) They are eco friendly and printed with water based ink that can be washed in cold water and tumble or line dried. Towel measures approx 28” x 29”

For the Home

6. Cupcake Coloring Clock

$36.00 – Color yourself happy! This sturdy recycled chipboard clock is 100% customizable with non-toxic crayons (three are included in the kit, but who doesn’t have more crayons laying around?!). Fun for adults and kids alike! The kit also includes instructions and comes ready-to-hang. One AA battery is required and not included. (8″ dia)

7. Cupcake Key Covers

$6.95 – These cute characters are just what your keys have been waiting for! Keep your keys organized and show your love for cupcakes at the same time. With six colorful covers, and a few characters too (including a pirate, vampire, and a mustached cupcake). these covers can be shared with your friends and family.  (Note: Over the summer Stacy and I found a couple of these in Colorado Springs at this adorable boutique, she’s got the teal one and I’ve got the pink one!)

8. 3D Cupcake Memo Pad

$4.99 – Who needs Post-In notes when you can have cupcake notes! This fun memo pad sits on your desk reminding you how much you want a cupcake to eat! With 150 pages taking notes or writing down phone messages has never been so fun!

9. Cupcake iPhone Case

$41.95 – This hard shell case has just the right montra on it, “Keep Calm and Eat A Cupcake.” Available in a variety of colors, this case will showcase your love of cupcakes and protect your iPhone. (And if you don’t have an iPhone, that’s no problem for Zazzle! They have cupcake cases for almost any kind of cellphone!)

10. Cupcake Bike Bell

$15.99 – Ring! Ring! Boring old school bike bells step aside! This unique bike bell is hand painted with eco-friendly paints, is weather proof and is the perfect accessory for any cupcake lover’s bike. Original artwork is done by Annie Legroulx.

What are some of your favorites? Have you found other cupcake items this holiday season? Share with us!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)