BOLT to IcedGems (and for the BSO)

Combining my love of running with my love of cupcakes has been chronicled in past posts, reviews, and even some of our blogger award answers. Crusaders Jenn and Stacy are very supportive of my crazy running habit, and are always there to cheer me on – they really are the best friends a girl could ask for! On Sat, October 13th at the Baltimore Running Festival they were there to cheer me on and celebrate my completing a THIRD 1/2 marathon!

(One of the best parts of finishing a run is the medals – and this year they were really cool!)

Last year the Baltimore Running Festival 1/2 marathon was my very first, and I was excited to run it again this year for BOLT for the BSO, a charity team that raises money for the non-profit arts organization, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Each team member of BOLT is tasked with raising money and my goal this year was $500 (check out my fundraising page); but I raised a total of $845 through the generous support of my family, friends, and co-workers. Just when you thought this post was all about running, cupcakes come back into the convo…

What I didn’t realize while I was training and fundraising was that our Healthy Crusader Rebecca and BOLT organizer Jennifer Barton (who were also on the BOLT Team) worked out a plan with IcedGems Baking to create a cupcake which would raise money for BOLT for the BSO. (IcedGems + Running = Awesome.) They created a signature flavor: blueberry cake with lemon buttercream frosting, and sold it all week before the race, with proceeds being donated to the BOLT team.

A few of us on the BOLT team went to meet the IcedGems truck and try our team flavor. Below is a review.

BOLT for the BSO Cupcake:

Moist cake, with blueberries in it and tart lemon buttercream made this cupcake a harmonious blend of sweet and tart. I loved the berries in the cake – it added a burst of flavor as well as a great additional texture. We all enjoyed this cupcake and it’s a flavor I’d love to see on the truck again.

Even the running world recognizes the impact cupcakes are having in the world of individual desserts! I’ve already got a headband that says “Suck it up Cupcake” that I wore during the Ocean City Half Marathon. And this year, at the running and health Expo, I found the shirt below – and if it hadn’t been too pricey for me, I would have gotten it. I mean, how cute (and true) is that shirt!?

It was very generous of IcedGems to help raise money and awareness for our BOLT team. They helped us surpass our ambitious goal of raising $60,000! (Check out BOLT for the BSO’s fundraising page.) The race went well, with my finishing time at 2 hrs and 24 min; I was happy just to finish and know my running supported the iconic and world class BSO. Sometimes things just work out, like cupcakes and running – now I am looking forward to my next 1/2 marathon, and my next IcedGems cupcake.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)

After 13.1 miles, I needed a “Cake Break”

A few weeks ago I ran my second half marathon in Ocean City! (As Stacy mentioned in this post, I recently became a more serious runner.) Of course when traveling, whether it be for a 13.1 mile run or for pleasure, we Crusaders have to find cupcakes to try. So after doing our usual research, I settled on Cake Break in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

The OC race was very early on Saturday morning and ended at Assateague Island; from there the racers were shuttled to Seacrets where I was lucky enough to have my Mom, Dad, Nona, Rich (Nona’s boyfriend), and a bunch of friends waiting to celebrate. I then headed up to Bethany Beach, where my family and I spent the evening at my Uncle’s beach house, ate a fantastic celebratory dinner in Rehobeth, and got some well deserved rest.

   (My metal and bib from the race! #2 in my metal collection.)

The next morning, I trekked up to Cake Break for some cupcakes, breakfast, and coffee. The staff were very friendly, welcoming, and even knew about the Crusaders! I settled on an everything bagel and a caramel latte – which was delicious – for breakfast, and picked six cupcakes to take home with me:

Carrot Top

Carrots, raisins, cream cheese – oh my! This cupcake had a fantastic spice to it and the icing was very sweet, but paired well with the savory cake. Filled with white raisins and carrot pieces, the cake might be the best carrot cake I have ever had, and I loved the decoration on top too.

Lemon Head

This cupcake was a must, as one of the owners (who helped me choose my six flavors) said it was one of their BEST… and boy were they right! I loved the true lemon flavor of this cupcake and the fact that it was not overly sweet. The lemon curd on top of the icing was an added bonus of lemon pleasure. A great cupcake that I will order again.

Red Velvet

Of course I had to bring home a red velvet! This moist and truly deep, dark, rich, cake really shone all on its own. Then there was the icing, which was very smooth, and not overly sweet. The hard sprinkles on top added an interesting new texture to this already great cupcake.


It is impossible for me not to order a Cannoli cupcake, because they are one of my favorite desserts. Sadly, this cupcake doesn’t come close to the dessert original. The filling was good, but not great and had a bit of a grainy texture to it, and the cake was just okay, as I felt it lacked flavor. I did love the presentation of this cupcake, but it isn’t one I would try again. (They also offer a chocolate version, which I would like to try, just to see if the addition of a more flavorful cake would help overall.)

Chocolate Overload

WHOA. Chocolate, chocolate, and MORE chocolate! If you love chocolate, this cupcake is for you! I was amazed at how moist the cake was, while not being overly sweet! I love when cocoa is allowed to be the star of the show and this cupcake was its own musical!

I-rish I Had Another

I do wish I had another one of these cupcakes! Having created my own “Car Bomb” cupcakes, this flavor was one I didn’t want to pass up. While the cake was moist, I wish it had more stout/beer flavor. The icing was divine, smooth and very Irish Cream flavored. The best part was the Jameson chocolate fudge filling; it melted in like a chocolate truffle and had the perfect hint of whiskey. All together this cupcake truly tasted like the drink and the next time I make them I might have to ditch my jelly and fill them with Jameson chocolate fudge.

Running my second half marathon felt fantastic and is quite an accomplishment on my running journey. Having friends and family there to support me (and my crazy habit) makes me feel like I’m the luckiest person… and having delicious cupcakes to eat isn’t a bad deal either.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)