Fun-a-licious Nerds Cupcakes!

When I saw a recipe (and amazing photos) of  Nerds cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, I knew I had to make them. Fast forward to a year or so later, and I FINALLY got around to it. I knew they would be a huge hit at one of the cupcake picnics and was hoping they would be different than anything anyone else brought. Also, who wouldn’t love this super sweet and tart cupcake with its vibrant colors and crunchy bits? No one. That’s who. At least that’s what I was hoping for.

I pretty much followed the recipe step by step, but I was worried that 4 sticks of butter and 7 cups of confectioners’ sugar would produce WAY too much frosting, so I reduced it to about 3 sticks of butter and 5 to 6 cups of confectioners’ sugar (I just added the sugar in until I was happy with the consistency and sweetness, so unfortunately can’t provide an exact measurement).

(These are the best ingredients I’ve ever worked with.)

Not only are these cupcakes super awesome, but they were so easy to make. Since you start with a box mix and just add the Nerds candy to the batter, it is a completely no fuss recipe. I was worried that piping three different flavors of frosting on top would be difficult, but I lined all the cooled cupcakes up and piped one color at at a time.

I don’t think my frosting looks as nice as Confessions of a Cookbook Queen’s, but it sure did taste amazing! The Kool Aid that you add to the buttercream takes on a Pixie Stick like flavor, which takes these candy themed cupcakes to the ultimate yummy level.

I have a ton of recipes on my “must bake” list, but I hope one day to have another reason to make these, because they were unique, fun, and very tasty.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


Baltimore Cupcake Picnic – Rain Rain chased the picnic away!

Sadly, due to inclement weather, we had to cancel our Baltimore Cupcake Picnic in Patterson Park. We were really sad the rain chased our picnic away, but luckily, for our family and very close friends, Crusader Stacy graciously opened her house so that we could gather together and share the cupcakes we’d already made.

We all couldn’t help but dig in right away, especially after hearing so much about Crusader Stacy’s Nerd cupcakes! As more people showed up, we made room on the table for the cupcakes – some store bought, some homemade. It was great when the tasting was in full swing, with so many kids there, it was hard not to feel like a kid yourself, eating more sugar than necessary and maybe even getting a tummy ache.

Overall there was an amazing variety of cupcake flavors in attendance:

1 & 2) Crusader Jenn’s FUN da-Middles mini Cupcakes, two ways – one with salted caramel and one without the salt
3) Crusader Stacy’s Nerds Cupcakes – keep an eye out for this recipe post!
4) Black Bottoms from a local bakery – yum!
5) Crusaders’ Dad brought four flavors of cupcakes from Sweet Hearts Patisserie, a cupcakery in Annapolis the Crusaders have been wanting to try. Watch for this review!
6) Crusader Elisa brought homemade Peach Cobbler cupcakes that Crusader Stacy had suggested on our FB page – thanks again for the suggestion!
7) A friend made Homemade Ginger Peach cupcakes, filled with a peach compote that was very flavorful
8) Crusaders’ sister Alissa and her friend brought red velvet cupcakes
9) Chocolate Chip cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, made by a friend
10) Healthy Crusader Rebecca brought healthy Black Forest cupcakes – watch for this healthy recipe post coming soon.

It might have been a rainy day, but we had a great time with our family and close friends. So many cupcakes, so many kiddies, so many wonderful people all in the same place! It was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

The Crusaders would like to thank everyone who made it out to our picnics this summer. It’s been a great opportunity to meet our fellow cupcake lovers, try some new flavors, and spend time talking about cupcakes! Can’t wait for next summer!

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)