Ooh La La Cupcakery’s New Storefront is so Trés Chic

With a wall-mounted flat screen tv, a couple of high top tables with chairs, and bold black, white, and pink decor, Ooh La La Cupcakery‘s new location is certainly a big step up from their previous location in Inner Harbor (although, while that location wasn’t a full walk-in shop, they did a great job glamming it up as best they could).

Their new shop on 1216 North Charles Street opened at the beginning of February, less than a block away from where my weekly grad-school class meets. Even though it’s been over two months since their opening, I wasn’t able to stop in until this past weekend. Working full time, going to school, and keeping up with this blog have put a serious limit on any free time I used to have. Thinking back, it’s been about two months since I’ve actually gone cupcaking in a full service cupcake shop (I’m not counting stops at cupcake trucks, fundraising events, etc. Of course there have been cupcakes, just no new visits to actual cupcake shops).

There is something wonderful about stepping into a room filled with beautiful cupcake displays. I love the process of reading the names, asking questions, and narrowing the options down to my final selections. Obviously I like eating cupcakes, but I also really love the entire experience. However, if the service isn’t good, it can ruin that experience. On my first visit to Ooh La La in the Inner Harbor, I was helped by a young man who seemed less than eager, but this time, that same gentleman was AWESOME. He greeted me an enthusiastic “hello” and a warm smile before going over the flavors. I guess everyone has off days, and I was glad to see his happy side.

On that day Ooh La La had many refreshing warm-weather flavors and tasty looking classics available, so it wasn’t an easy choice to make. I saw the Birthday Cake cupcake and knew right away that it was going home with me (I can’t say no to anything with sprinkles). Then I decided on the Pistachio, Key Lime, and Lemon cupcakes as my remaining three.


At first, I was a little disappointed that my cupcakes weren’t placed in a cupcake box (I’m always worried they will be smooshed and destroyed before I can take pictures), but the cupcakes were arranged neatly in their containers and carefully placed in a white bag with a pretty pink ribbon. They even included pink napkins and an information card on Ooh La La. And luckily their cupcakes are pretty sturdy and held up nicely on the ride home.

Pistachio Cupcake


For some reason pistachio flavored food intrigues me, but I think I’ve decided that it’s just not a flavor I enjoy. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Ooh La La’s Pistachio cupcake. The cake was moist, the pistachio flavor was present throughout the cupcake, but I didn’t dig it as much as the others. But, if you love pistachios, then you should definitely try this cupcake.

Key Lime


The cake on this cupcake was moist and had a nice key lime flavor, but the best part was the frosting. It was perfectly tangy and sweet. I REALLY wish this cupcake had a filling. It might actually be the first Key Lime cupcake I’ve tried that didn’t, and I think that it helps make the cupcake reminiscent of a Key Lime pie. Still, it was a tasty cupcake.



This cupcake was so good and exactly what I look for in a Lemon cupcake. Similar to the Key Lime cupcake, it was the perfect blend of tangy and sweet. This was easily my favorite of the four. There is really not much else to say other than: YUM.

Birthday Cake


Sprinkles! As I mention above, the second I saw how jam-packed this cupcake was with sprinkles, I knew it was going to be all mine. Funfetti is one of my favorites, and this cupcake was like Funfetti taken to the next level. It even tasted almost like a spoonful of sprinkles! Which is a good thing—at least in my book. This cupcake was sweet, fun, and totally put a smile on my face.

Other than the fabulous new location and storefront, I really enjoyed how the cake AND frosting were flavored in all the cupcakes I purchased. More often than not, cupcake shops will use a basic yellow or chocolate cake as a base and then just flavor the frosting to create a variety, but not Ooh La La. They also offer chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels, candy covered apples, and ice cream.

Their website is currently under construction, but they have been very active on their Facebook page, where you can follow them to stay updated on new flavors and specials.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)


Beautiful Weather and a Tasty Cupcake Makes for a Great Day

While this morning may have been rainy and gross, we’ve had some uncharacteristically warm and sunny weather for the winter. On one of these amazing days I found myself out of the office on a work assignment in Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor.

(Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor – I’m not sure why this pedestrian was wearing a puffy coat and fuzzy boots, this day didn’t require any heavy winter outerwear. Just look at that crystal clear blue sky!)

Since I was in the area I finally decided to head to the Harborplace’s Light Street Pavilion and check out Ooh La La Cupcakery.

The Light Street Pavilion is currently undergoing major renovations. Right now, there are only a few shops located at the same end as Ooh La La Cupcakery. Not only does this  location place them somewhat off the radar, but their website is currently “under construction” and their Facebook page is not updated very often either. Because of this, I often forget they are located in the Inner Harbor, even though they’ve been there since March 2010.

I was a bit disappointed at the service that day. There were only about four people in the shopping center (including myself) and the young man behind the counter was less than eager to help me. He wasn’t totally rude, he just wasn’t overly friendly either. I actually saw two girls walk away becuase he was too busy talking to someone in the kitchen area to notice them standing there.

I knew that I would be getting more cupcakes the very next day, so I limited my choice to one: the Sweet Potato. The cupcakes are on the small side but only $2.70 a piece (I was later corrected because I could have sworn I paid $3.50 for it…)

(Sad smooshed frosting… No cupcake should ever treated in such an abusive way.)

After returning to the office I was anxious to see how this costly little treat tasted.

After my first bite, I knew it was worth every penny. I forgot all about the sub-par service and it being shoved in a bag. It was as if none of that happened. This cupcake was REALLY good. The cake was unbelievably soft and the frosting was super creamy. It was a little more buttery than I typically like on its own, but with the well seasoned sweet potato cake, it worked perfectly.

I look forward to my next visit to the Inner Harbor. I will never again forget that Ooh La La Cupcakery is there and I plan to visit them whenever I find myself in that area.

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Stacy (Baltimore, MD)