Cupcake Lovers Gift Guide 2012

It’s the holiday season again and the Crusaders had so much fun putting together last year’s gift guides (adults & kids) that we decided to make it an annual post!

Anyone who loves cupcakes knows about cookbooks, carriers and the usual cupcake gifts…and if you read our blog you know some of our favorite story books, kitchen tools and of course our favorite cupcakes. So this year we looked for interesting and unique cupcake gifts, that aren’t your average “cupcake themed” present. Enjoy!


1. Cupcake Koozie, $8.99
This adorable knit koozie stretches to fit anything from a toddler sippy cup to a wine glass to a growler filled with your favorite beer. Don’t worry when it appears stretched out, once washed it will shrink back to its original size. Hand made in the USA.

2. Cupcake Chair Cover, $25
Want to change any chair into a cupcake throne? You’ll need one of these soft cupcake chair covers. Great for kids of all ages!

3. Washi Tape Set, $10.95
Washi paper is made by hand in Japan and can be used for anything. This set is perfect for anyone who might want to wrap presents, scrapbook, or decorate with cupcake tape.

4. Paper Gift box, $28
Snow & Graham has been providing Chicago with paper necessities since 1998, when they were just a small design studio, and this classy note block and recipe card set would be a great addition to any cook’s kitchen.

5. Cupcake Ring, $127
While a ring might not seem like a “new” idea, this ring really stands out! The designer, Rusty, makes each piece by hand in NYC. Beautifully simple, any girl would be lucky to wear one of his rings.


6. Earbuds, $12
Yup, cupcake earbuds. Now you can listen to your favorite music while showing off your cupcake love. These are seriously adorable and work with all standard headphone jacks.

7. Vintage Sign, $14.99
Vintage signs are a great way to accessorize any room in the house. We loved this one because we happen to love tea too!

8. Carousel Cupcake stand, $44.67
Whimsical and carnival in style, this is not your typical tiered cupcake stand. It holds 12 cupcakes and will be the talk of any cupcake party.

9. Sand Cupcake Creator toy, $14.99
Share hours of beach time or sand box time making sand cupcakes with the kiddies! This 12 peice set includes a mesh storage bag and is sure to please those sand and cupcake loving boys and girls.

10. Cupcake Silver Charm, $200
Tiffany’s is one of America’s favorite jewelery stores… and even they are in on the cupcake explosion! This beautiful charm is stunning on a chain or charm bracelet.

It’s great that there are so many options for anyone looking for cupcake gifts. We hope you enjoyed our finds and have a very happy holiday season!

(Photos courtesy of websites where items are available for purchase. No harm intended)

– Posted by Cupcake Crusader, Elisa (Baltimore, MD)