Baltimore Cupcake Charm in Hampden

We’re so lucky to have such supportive friends and followers. We really enjoy when they want to contribute their own cupcake crusades to our blog. Below, Guest Crusader Mike fills us in on his most recent cupcake experience.

When I found out I would have the opportunity to write a guest-post for the Cupcake Crusaders, I knew Hampden was the perfect place to try and find something special to write about. The colorful urban storefronts, eclectic antiques shops, not to mention the 20-foot tall pink flamingo (Hey Hon!), all add a distinctive flavor to this local area.


While walking down 36th Street after a particularly delicious brunch at Golden West Café, Crusader Elisa and I decided to grab some coffee at Spro, a quaint, yet modern, mom-n-pop coffee shop that had an equally delicious looking batch of Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes sitting in the display case that I just had to try. Those who know me know that two things I can hardly ever stay away from are chocolate and espresso.


This cupcake hit it out of the park. The chocolate cake was rich and moist without being overly sweet and the espresso icing was smooth, creamy and definitely packed with coffee flavor. I would have liked a bit more texture in the cake, maybe a coffee/fudge center or chocolate chips, because I think all chocolate cake needs chocolate chips. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this cupcake.


What impressed me even more than the quality of the cupcake was who made them. When I asked the cashier about the cupcakes, he proceeded to tell me that his 15 year-old brother, Nehum Potler, who he described as a, “child prodigy with flour, sugar and a rolling pin,” had made them earlier that morning. When I was 15, the only baking experience I had was licking the batter off of my mom’s spatula.

This was my first time in Hampden and my first cupcake review, but it certainly won’t be my last. If you ever find yourself on the Avenue, I highly recommend grabbing a coffee (or a triple espresso, if you’re like me) and a cupcake from Spro.

– Review by Guest Crusader, Mike (Baltimore, MD)