Guest Review | Crusadin’ in Cali, at Frosted Robin

Friend and Healthy Crusader Rebecca always has cupcakes on her mind. (Who doesn’t?) And the Crusaders are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and followers thinking of us, because even on a work trip to California, Rebecca couldn’t help but join in our cupcake crusade. Below is her review of Frosted Robin, located in San Diego. Another Guest Crusader, Julie, has also reviewed Frosted Robin, but we love getting different perspectives. Enjoy!

On a recent trip to San Diego for the Tessitura Network conference, I did a search to find out if there were local cupcakes close by (many thanks to the Crusaders giving me the bug!) and found this beautifully quaint cupcakery down in Seaport Village called “Frosted Robin.”

After perusing the very attractive selection, my coworkers and I selected 6 cupcakes and brought them back to share with some of our Tessitura friends at our final lunch. We sliced each cupcake into 6 bites and passed the morsels around the table so we could enjoy them together. After all, “happiness is only real when shared.” (See Into the Wild if you haven’t already.)

The following are our opinions on the flavors featured in our half dozen.

Cayman Spice – Coconut milk infused cinnamon and nutmeg cake, coconut buttercream icing and cinnamon sugar sprinkle.

This was very enjoyable in flavor, but we found the cake to be a bit dry. We tasted a lot of the cinnamon and nutmeg, but the coconut was missing from the flavor. The frosting was light and very nicely frosted onto the top in a floral pattern (as all of their cupcakes are!)

Red Velvet – Red velvet cake, buttery cream cheese icing

The red velvet was very bright in color but the cake did not have the rich, chocolate taste that it should. Though the cream cheese frosting was enjoyable, the cake overall was pretty bland.

Peanut Butter Chocolate – Chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, chocolate ganache, peanut butter cup topping

The cupcake packed a big peanut butter flavor and was my personal favorite of the group. The chocolate cake wasn’t as strong as it could have been to stand up to the peanut butter frosting, but this had a nice light texture.

Cookies and Milk – Chocolate-cookie-cake, cookie crumb icing

We were looking forward to this cupcake and it definitely delivered on the overall flavor of cookies and cream but, unfortunately, it was more of the Kellogg’s Cookie Crisp flavor than the “fresh-from-the-oven-at-Grandma’s-house” flavor.

Lemon – Lemon zest cake, zesty icing

I usually like a LOT of lemon flavor in my lemon cake, so I would have liked a more intense flavor. The frosting was light and the extra lemon touch on the top was very nice.

Cherry Cream Cheese – Cherry-vanilla cake, Cream cheese icing and cherry filling

The cream cheese icing was delicious and the cherries were also in the cake, though it really was the cherry on top that tied this cake together perfectly.

I found overall, that they were smaller cupcakes for their price – $3.23/each. The cakes were a bit dry, but the frosting helped to complete each of the flavors. My co-worker Chris also ordered one of their “Robin’s Eggs” cake truffles and found it to be delicious moist cake, wrapped in a chocolate coating.

Special thanks to Rebecca and the Tessitura Tasting Crew!

– Review by Guest Crusader, Rebecca (Baltimore, MD)


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