New Year, New Changes!

Hello Cupcake Lovers! We are so sorry that we have been completely MIA lately. Things have been crazy and we’ve found that we haven’t had much time for writing up our full reviews like before. However, we have still been eating lots of cupcakes and have decided that on this blog we will focus on sharing quick, short reviews of the NEW bakeries and treats we try. They will be straight forward and right to the point, absolutely no fluff. We hope you are okay with the new format, because we really want to continue sharing our experiences with you all.

Since we’ll just be reviewing NEW shops here on the blog, if you’ve missed reading about ALL of our cupcake adventures, we encourage you to head over to our Facebook page, hit the “Like” button, and stay posted on all the tasty treats we indulge in.

Thank you for your support as we make some adjustments. We love sharing our thoughts with all our fellow cupcake lovers like you!



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